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      Still a bit more than one month to go, so let's play a game to find some new music. Name a band and a record that obeys the following rules:

      • The band is fresh, let's say their debut is not more than three years old
      • The music is not related in any direct way to Motorpsycho (they deserve their own thread)
      • Mention only one band/record at a time
      • The record should be awesome… :D


        amgala temple – invisible airships

        Punj Lizard

          All Traps on Earth – A Drop of Light


            Psychonaut – Unfold The God Man

            My top album of 2018. Belgian progressive/stoner/sludge band. This is their debut from 3 months ago. Mindblowing stuff.

            No idea if their band name has anything to do with MP…


              @nicoot, ah cool, the guys from Psychonaut are friends of me :-) There band name has nothing to do with MP. There first EP's were also great.

              Vegard B. Havdal

                Zeal & Ardor. Fairly mindblowing stuff.


                  I love Zeal & Ardor too! Very original. I recomend EERA – Reflection of youth. Quite Radioheady. I also love King Gizzard and the Lizard wizards five records from 2017.


                  Mythic Sunship -Another shape of psychedelic music. Gold from Denmark


                  THREE TRAPPED TIGERS…..great concert at Doornrojse in dec.


                    Nice! I'll listen to every recommendation here. Of course I already started with Amgala Temple, which has been mentioned before, and which I really, really like so far.

                    My favorite record from 2018 is Lush from Snail Mail. Female Singer/Songwriter, very catchy and dreamy stuff.

                    I gotta say I haven't heard many new records in the past years, and then mostly from bands I already knew before. I hope to change this with listening to the records mentioned here.


                      Some crazy stuff you all are listening to… :P

                      Kid A

                        And now something completely different: Kamasi Washington – The Epic

                        If you can stand any jazz music, go and buy the outstanding vinylbox, clocking in about 3 hours something. A masterpiece


                          @Kid A

                          I also have that one, and it is absolutely brilliant. Really cool, how they bring back the coolness to jazz. You know, somehow managing to avoid that often tedious approach of fusion jazz and still make it accessible for listeners who didn't care so much for jazz so far. I didn't listen to the new album, though.

                          I would like to mention the Soundtrack to "L.A.Noire", which struck me in a similar way. It is really amazing lounge jazz/orchestral work….absolutely on a par with with famous movie soundtracks, but probybly for the reason of it being "videogame" music it apparently remained unrecognized. If there was a vinyl version, I'd definitely buy it.



                          Fuzz på svenska by Kungens Män

                          Pretty much anything they do is amazing


                        Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 275 total)
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