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    I think there is no such thing as a definite answer on what the guys are using, it seems to vary slightly from tour to tour. Lots of things mentioned here are right, but “even I” have no idea about everything. I haven’t been to any shows at all this whole year as far as I can remember. Too bad.

    These are the amps I remember seing Bent playing over the years:

    Orange or120

    Hiwatt custom 100

    Ampeg SVT

    Fender PA 100 (this is the weird fender amp BS has been using lately. I think)


    Fender Precision bass from 1978 with Jazz bass neck

    Ibanez Hate bass

    Gibson EB-2 from 1967

    Gibson Eb-3 from 1967

    MusicMan StingRay x 2

    Some Gibson EB-3 knock off (serpentine video and 2002 gigs at least)

    Stavem guild starfire/eb-2 lookalike

    Stavem non-reverse thunderbird x 2

    Stavem single cut (devil dog) 4 string, now 8 string?

    Stavem 8 string psychobird

    Rickenbacker 4001 from 1980

    Guild Starfire from late 60s?

    Gretsch Broadkaster (Tussler)

    Gretsch 6072 from 1966

    Effects also vary:

    EHX crying tone with built in buffer and mxr noise gate cirquit

    Foxx Fuzz wah (back up for the cring tone)

    I think I saw a tube screamer some time ago

    Either a Xotic BB preamp or an RC booster, they look almost identical

    Probably a big muff, but the crying ton basically is a big muff aswell, so why bother.

    I don’t know much about Snah’s setup, the one at guitargeek is probably a good starting point. Only things I can remember seing not being on that page is the Line6 DL4 and the roland re-301 space echo.

    You got Snah’s guitars right, I think. The pickups in the super swedes are called P-94.

    His Guild Starfire is now retired from the road and serves as the living room guitar.

    Like I said, I think they vary their setups ALOT. Some gigs are done on rented backline, and they have to compromise. The point seems to be that whatever gear they play, they still sound like themselves. The gear is just a small part of the equation, to play as good as they do is the hardest part :-)

    For getting traktorbass sound, there is no pedal I’ve found. A good old 100 watt tube amp (Hiwatt custom 100, sound city 100/120, orange or120, fender bassman 100/135, marshall superbass, matamp gt120, ampeg v4b for instance) a cool bass preferably with humbucking pickups and good playing would do the trick.

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    Good to hear some signs of life from you, Seattle Psychonaut. Hope everything went well and that your leg will heal up all right. It would be great to hear the starless cover, if you have a recording better than the one on this website.

    Also, btw. When we hung out in Tacoma, when I played the java jive with my old band, you talked about making me a grateful dead sampler. When you’re feeling up to it, drop me a mail, and I can maybe hook you up with something else in return.


    Jan Tore

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    I play the big B in some bands in Trondheim.



    New stuff will be released shortly. We Were Lightning will release the debut album on how is annie records in about a month, and Color Me Amazed will do more lo-fi epic post rock soon.


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    Haha, no I’m not their tech, but I have worked with them once in Trondheim, and I am way above average interested in vintage musical equipment. I actually witnessed the modding of the crying tone, it has a mxr noise gate circuit and a buffer built in, if my memory serves me right. I’ve doodled around with some of their gear from time to time, but don’t tell them. Haha. To take the geekiness to another level, my hiwatt custom 100 has the same mods as Snah and Bents. Or should I say, their hiwatts are modded to my amps specs :p

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    The foxx fuzz/wah is Bents backup. The EHX crying tone has always been the main fuzz/wah. It’s also modded with some snacks :)

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    The record store Neseblod in Oslo has alot of these. Even signed copies. Good luck!

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    According to rune grammofons homepage they will play Trondheim on nov. 18th. I’ll be there.

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