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      During GT on this tour Bent pulled out a monster bass. 8 strings. Insanely beautiful instrument. Anyone know which one it is?

      And since I am already asking about gear (although I am sure it’s been covered in various threads already): Which instruments do they play? Snah has a few interesting looking guitars and Bent certainly has gorgeous basses. Brands, anyone?

      And finally, what’s the cheapest way to go if I want some tractorbass at home? Which pedals should I aim for?


      Was it the psychobird maybe?


      made by Frank Stavem http://stavemguitars.com/instruments.html

      they have quite a few guitars/basses made by Mr. Stavem.

      I know Snah plays some Hagstöms too, mainly Swedes, and I think he have a Fender Jazzmaster and a lefthanded white Stratocaster (could be Bents?) he played on the last tussler record… but not on this tour.

      Traktorbass sound? Try the Big Muff or the Marshall Shredmaster !


          They also both play non-reversed Gibson Fire- und Thunderbirds. Very beautiful.



          For traktorbass I’d recommend a tube set up. But you probably won’t get it both cheap and satisfying. Either you get a tube amp you can overdrive or you get a tube pre-amp, like the V-Twin from Mesa Boogie. Common bass distortion pedals cut the low end and the Bigmuff imho muffles the sound too much.


            It wasn’t the psychobird. Different bass.

            Check the GT video in the ‘new live vids’ thread. It’s almost Rickenbacker-ish. But not quite.


              Very nice!


              @ Neil Tesor: The left-handed white Strat is a Jimi Hendrix signature model, so it’s supposed to be upside down (the right-handed model is a flipped-over lefty). For the rest he uses Hagstroms (indeed, the (Super) Swedes, but as of late modified with Gibson, made-to-fit-humbucker-cavity P-90’s), Guilds, the odd Gibson, and Stavems. Never seen the Jazzmaster you talked about, but maybe I just didn’t see him play it, like I haven’t seen him play that red ES335 model (Gibson? Guild copy? Can’t remember – edit: Guild Starfire).

              *waits for Jan Tore to come set him straight…




                Here, this bass. What is it?



                @TvdR: Its not a Jazzmaster but a Jaguar, can be seen in the Serpentine video.


                @ Neil Tesor: Thanks, I remember now!

                @ Rune: Can’t see your pic, but I’m at work, so that might explain it. Will check out later if I know or not, or could you post a link to the pic? Thx.



                  i’m pretty sure that bents 8-string was a normal 4-string on the previous tour (2009)… he must have had frank stavem modify it in between the 2 tours, or maybe for the recording of heavy metal fruit. hence the small mechanics, they were added afterwards. i guess (pretty weird that there is no pic on frank stavems site, the last one looks like it, but it had more of a les paul shape). just adding some info.


                    Yeah, that is Bent’s 8 string bass. You can see 4 big and 4 small knobs for the strings if you look closely.

                    Not sure if it was an 8-string on the 2009 tour, though.


                    For traktorbass I would use som sort of bass overdrive, like Xotic BB bass preamp, Fulltone bassdrive or something like that. A distortion unit like Mesa V-twin will sound too modern and the muff is, in my opinion, too fuzzy. You’ll need somthing with more mids. A tube head into a good bass cab is a good start. Guitaramps, like Marshall, works great.


                      @ Supernaut: Still swearing by the Mesa Boogie V-Twin i see :) Saw a nice review of that one on youtube here the other day. I really want that pedal man! Too bad it’s so freakin’ expensive tho.

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