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    LOL, a 3.30 minutes “Close yr Eyes” is weird… But after all, compare the studio “My Best Friend” 4 minutes version with the live 22 minutes versions… or maybe “W.B.A.T.” is the space-impro from Close yr Eyes…

    And what about the vinyl? It’s hard to split this one in vinyl, maybe a 1+1/2 vinyl, with a serigraphic art on side 4?

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    “Ok, here they are (in the old forum):”

    Thanks a lot! I totally missed them…

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    “(2 of 3 summer festivals and 7 of the 9 Norwegian dates on the autumn tour)”

    Great: as for the Norway tour, I thought it was “Little Lucid Moments”!

    I don’t have any summer festival setlist for that year! Can you send me a link to them?

    Thank you very much

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    Some answers:

    “Motorpsycho/Hedge Hog – Split 7″/CD-single (1993)”

    Thanks! I knew it was somewhere but didn’t know where! I’ll put Into the Sun from the covers list to the “Another Ugly” period…

    “Strange Days, instead, should be an early version of Demon Box (if I remember well there is a video in Haircuts in which they play this song).”

    That’s some news! I have the Haircuts, but didn’t remember this info.

    It makes sense, since they stopped playing “Strange Days” and then begun playing Demon Box. I’ll edit this…

    “Babylon – 10 times”

    “Trapdoor – 15 times”

    “In the family – 17 times”

    They’re quite accurate. The most surprising to me is In the Family, played only three times in ’97, and then rescued only in 2003! Babylon was abandoned quite early, probably they preferred the Tussler version. Trapdoor was played only 5 times in the Timothy’s tours, and then rescued in 2001. I think it’s simply not one of their favourite, even if it was the only chance to see Bent do a guitar solo :-)

    “Someone pointed out not so long ago, that the ‘unknown new song’ that was played as opener at the Haldern pop festival in 2006 (and some other summer/fall dates in 06) was actually a forerunner of ‘child of the future'”

    Heh, as I said, “logic” doesn’t work with MP!

    “Did you get the Sinful, Windborne single with Workin’ for the MCA on the flipside? Wonder how that stacks up in the cover stats.”

    It’s 7 times: you can find Working for MCA among the 1994/1996 singles, as “ProMotor”!

    “Unbelievable! But I miss Junior.”

    Yeah, I’ll edit later. It’s a 54, anyway :-)

    “Heartattack Mac at position n°11?? shit, wow! I’ve seen it only back in 1997! it’ probably beacuse they played a lot of concerts in that year…”

    Infact it’s the only “top20” that I missed! Stupid Moog!

    In addition, I just discovered another show yesterday in Svartlamon! I thought they were off…

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    Thank you all!

    I didn’t actually think that anyone would have read this, but you did! So I have some corrections to do: CotF, which was apparently played! Junior, which was just skipped (it’s freudian: apparently MP forgot that song too, they don’t play it since ’96!).

    Sonnyboy Gaybar was actually played only in Berlin just before another rarity, Trapdoor… But it was played of course many times in TITS concerts!

    I’ll make some edits later… thank you!


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