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    @TB Add: The song obviously is more then a comprehensive guide to global warming, political corruption, materialisticism, commercialism, exploitation of third world countries, etc, and the steps we must take to combat it.Beside all this the song describes a person who is markedly more concerned with spiritual, intellectual or cultural values rather than material things such as money and possessions.While MP even gives a description of this person as a first hour fan they obviously don’t know him/her that much enough as a friend.The band hopes that someone takes it on showing us again the profile of this person seems to be left unknown.The intention behind the song must be something like a call to everyone who feels responsible but also an open invitation for a particular person as seen in the lay-out of BH/BC.

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    you’d do best like that, nothing personally dude, i treat ‘m all like that.Other thing is i can see, like i said, you operate on a other level, you claim me for being low life writing stuff but you don’t even paticipate in song discussions, regular talk etc.., only thing i see here is a geek-party ruining other peeps opinions while they pull psychonaut stardom to nerdism levels i’d never seen before.Finallly you claim a shame for seeing me in action here on the forum, and talking ’bout higher goals i’d left wasted……dude….please…..

    get a blog!!!!

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    Yeah sure…see i would consider taking your advices for a sec but see me as i am please….not the nice guy i was years ago when i went to MP concerts.But when do you guys come to your senses and back off.I take risks everyday putting my opinions online, it’s becuase i’ve met these guys years ago at a unofficial gig.I feel unfinished buisness here, that’s why i am here.I not here for the fans, i don’t give 2 shits for it.I’d be fine with my crew, doing my thing for the rest of my life.See, you don’t know me. if you guys did knew me, you wouldn’t say such things, i don’t want to impress you guys, i just tell thing like it is.Normally i would not pay attention to MP, just listen Mobb deep all day, peeps like you guys would not even come close to me in real life because i have a big crew behind me, believe me, who think just like me.Peeps who don’t care for other people, especially when they are from from out of town.I just listen Mobb deep cause it’s a similar thing down here.It is only patience i hold now to see where this goes, if it brings out a situation in where i have no more reasons to hang around here, i’d be gone so you guys can have your MP back and i’ll be off doing my things again, i don’t care.You can tell me this and that here in this OT, i find the peeps here on this forum very different then me, you are right maybe, i should just leave you guys alone because i’m to major for you.When you would have said such things to me face to face i still hurt you, i’m just like that, i don’t say this to impress others, i don’t need you to admire me, i got my friends here, hundreds of them who think just the same.So, to be honest, just chill out till the time is right and you can have the stupid forum back.I have seen many people on this forum who have poor education, poor minds and often don’t see what the results are of their behaviour.I agree, i am a different person with a different view of life but nobody would say such things to me in rotterdam because they know me and how i react.My (our) mentality is obviously different.If you would have lived in holland you guys would have got into troubles, see what i mean?, but everyday i take this risk of pissing of the bandmembers of Motorpsycho while i diss their fans ( i feel sorry for snah and bent and geb) just because i don’t take this shit from anyone, this mentality i dangerous, i know, that’s why we don’t act like fools.

    So again, i say, to defend myself from stupidness and untill i am officially removed from this forum for telling things like it is, i am here, just deal with it.

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    and don’t speak of behalf of other unless you are lijke me part of a click ,a crew!!!!!

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    You don’t get it do you? The stuff i write here is not ment for you to read, you think i write this down for you? You think i care for 1 minute about your thoughts? I am from rotterdam south man, we don’t care for you!!!!!!! Your advice or commands would have give you a one way ticket to the nearest hospital, the things you say simply don’t impress me, in fact the things you say to me normally would not be you healthy for you beacuase fir the last time…..i am not a person to be educated by smartasses like you.Don’t come close to me and sure don’t tell me in this topic what to say or what to do!!!! I don’t care for you!!!

    You should thank me for this awnser!!!!!

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    Wild on the streets I try to maintain

    Tight with my loot, cause hoes like to run game

    Some niggaz like to trick but I ain’t wit that trickin shit

    I’m like a Jew, savin dough so I can big whip

    Pushin a Lex, now I’m set, ready to jet

    No matter how much loot I get I’m stayin in the projects, forever

    Jakes on the blocks we out-clever

    If beef, we never seperate and pull together

    When worse comes to worse and my peoples come first

    Try to react and get them motherfuckin feelings hurt

    My crew’s all about loot

    Fuck lookin cute, I’m strictly Timb boots and army certified suits

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    Never had such experience, peeps that discussed my lyrics, but had some wicked nights playing in this band ages ago, i remember a jam i did with my band (wich i had to broke up with around the same time), i just walked in, plugged in and started a jam while the others followed and later on this guy came up to me completly nuts about the jam going…”ohhh man..ahhh that jam was so cool” and all that.Those are cool moments too.Still have a copy of my demo (1999) of that band called “psuedo hallucinogenic” or something like that.Conatins 6 songs.

    I understand what you are saying but in this case MP did far better then i did at that time, no joke.

    Well, about LLM i think it’s all said and done for me.The song is great, haven’t heard the original version, seen it live and a couple of times on YT.Don’t forget i have been out of this thing for about 7 or 8 years in wich i did loads of other things but it feels good to be back here with MP, still love their music but had some struggles with myself from wich i tried to warn others.Seen their other releases since L.T.E.C lately and was surprised to see the bands point of view.The art/lay out of BHBC is super and LLM to me is a logical follow-up after LLM.Great job done.

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    This dog, this machine, she has made toothpicks out of wooden poles 10cm by 10 cm thick 2 meters long that used to hold my fence faster then your regular saw will do.Balls, sticks, rope etc…won’t last longer then 5 minutes before she bites it to pieces.She can jump 2 meters high and runs fast as a car.yeyeyeyey

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    add, the change of course i ment was right after Trust us.

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    @TB,you could easily have multiples interpretations about the song as we have seen here in this topic by various people wich to me is all good do one may have other thoughts about the song to many others.If you look at this song in the line of their early records one may come to the conclusion MP has done the job with more intentions then comming up with “regular world solucions thoughts” as we have discussed here.I still remember their (surprisingly) change of course right after AADAP wich as i can recall didn’t have that much positive influence on their oldschool DB,TM kind of fans.In fact, most people didn’t understood MP much after that, i’ve heard loads of people complaining ’bout the disaperance of their “psychedlic rock sound” as MP went mainstream? to others.

    About LLM, you can say that after their thirth release in this change of course MP went fowards to their formiliar kind of sound again like BH/BC wich was presented as their best release ever.Lyrically, i don’t see that much change in their releases since TM but LLM comes out more defined about how the autor thinks eversince.Musically LLM is written under a other formula then for example other rock bands like ACDC use, i read somewhere bent said MP never works with a ACDC kind of formula while writing songs, i wonder if he could do, but the meaning of the lyrics as the autor have writen down, few of us really know, logically, but it’s always good to hear other views of peeps so the song interpretations spread out trough our spacy little minds.

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    I got lots of love, for my crew that is

    no love for them other crews and rival kids

    all them out-a-town niggas know what time it is

    and if they don’t they need to buy a watch

    word up

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    @TB you’re right ’bout getting back in harmony with nature, but if you study this book you will come to the conclusion god has a plan with humanity due to his everlasting love and to live in harmony with nature is just a part of this plan.In my opinion the bible is a gift from god to teach us about his love.Most of us don’tm understand this and keep their judgements towards god like the anti-god wants us to do.It is true that this world/humanity has come to the point where there are all kinds of dangers that are threatening us, no matter what we want to do, we will never be able to control this world or make it a better place without the love and worship of god.Do at this moment the needs and intentions of the people are towards ” making this place a better place” the responsibility has gone sky high and question is if we succeed by ourselfs to continue to carry this responsibility.Various examples have shown us that no EU, no gouverment or other nation have ever succeed in creating peace on earth.So while i put my faith in the promise of god i don’t have high expectations of most political leadership.Comming back to your point of view, offcourse you got it right, we need to get in harmony with nature etc…but do you have such faith in people? Do you think that we humans are capable of showing respect to our environment? Do you think humans will ever respect an other without dictating an other? Personally, i don’t share any kind of view of guidance by humans.There is no wisdom to be found in our hearts, minds or the path we walk, we all should be greatfull for the love of god because without this kind of guidance we’ll never make it.

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    I’d like to add a little phrase ’bout (eastern) philosophy here.While studying some of these wisdoms years ago (Lao tse, tao te tjing) i’d come to the conclusion this path of enlightment didn’t had those straight guiding lines ’bout how to overcome and live with struggles of life but to set with it in self-flagellation.Other philosophys just study the origin of things ,or what i reject, the beauty of things, the value of things etc…again without comming clear with proper awnsers like most philosophers had come to the point of dropping all knowledge just to clear thoughts of the mess they had got in.Manknd should not ask himself who made what for what purpose but i guess it’s just part ouf our education to ask ourself these kinds of questions wich doesn’t mean the awnsers will leave us satisfied, every awnsers lead to another question and our thirst for knowledge will never end.

    You can say most religions have similar guidance, they do, due to different cultures and rituals some have changed value and rules wich aren’t really that religious anymore same as the political role some of our religious leaders show us.As far as i know there is only one person who’d came up with a complete guidance with rules that really show us how to live with religion.Then again, most of the people just reject this guidance because they hadn’t have the proper education to understand it.LLM shows there’s still a hollow dimension we live in, we haven’t been educated that much to live with a guidance that has all the propers awnsers while we deserve to live in peace and harmony with the world/universe.

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    BTW to gbd and jtr……please come to the south side fools… my click, my special and my dog..see what you’ll say next.

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    No smartasses around anymore who tell me how to live..i again say..piss off!!!

    If you think your brillant enough to tell others what to do and how to live i say no one is good enough to tell em how to live.No one is my boss and i always awnser to those with a double blow in the face, please remember i am from the south side..nothing funny to deal wtih and certainly not one to educate ..

    I have a little friend now.She is so sweet.It’s a killer pitt bull (5 years old)used as a fight dog.This dog is amazing, she bites in trees completly killing it and has a no fuck attitude towards anyone or anything who’s unfriendly to me.Do i hate the idea of letting her fight with other dogs, it has become her caracter as she had almost killed another pitt of a friend of mine leaving the dog with holes in the head that needed to get done with a stapler, the dog looks like frankenstein now with those staples in her head.A real fighter/killer.I love it.She has a good life with me now, no more dog fights, no more trainig, just chillin with me.So if any of ya’ll smatasses try tell me how to live or what to do…please come to rotterdam south and i’ll show you the meaning of real drama.

    i could her “killa” on the street but when she’s with me chillin i call her “mousesy”

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