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      All right. The last thread was a primer, and as Nothing to Say apparently was too light, for the second installment we’ll dive headfirst into the 21 minute mindfuck that is LLM.


      I love this song, as do many of you, and the lyrics especially. If Sideway Spiral was the initial, faint vibrations of a psychedelic experience, LLM is the thumbprint that rockets you into another dimension.

      The song reads like a peaking trip report, but psychedelic imagery and soundscapes set aside, it could easily be a sober story of enlightenment and introspective exploration. Coming to terms with the world, the pointlessness of modern society, embracing existentialism. Going from the calm almost stale initial state into overdrive (a hoof to the head), being torn apart and put together (hallucifuge) at the end resembles very much some sort of rite of passage, a coming of age.

      If you want to read it autobiographically as I initially interpreted it, Bent is feeling that the band has gone stale and monotonous (lawned) but is kicked back into overdrive by Kenneth (a hoof to the head). Kenneth is the chaos added to the mix, stirring up a whirlwind, forcing the band to rethink its approach to making music. Maybe I’m reading too much into that, but I guess if Black Hole/Blank Canvas is a reference to Geb leaving I could be onto something.

      Sorry, it’s hard to put this into words. Stoner logics (I’m sober at any rate) abound I’m sure. I’ll probably spend all too much time thinking about the lyrics and post an update.

      In the meantime, I would love it if the rest of you shared your thoughts.


        wow I never read this into it. But it really makes sense. Gives quite an optimistic view onto the future of motorpsychedelica. :-)

        This also means I got nothing to add.


        Nice song-report!!! To me the lyrics show a mp that’s a bit tired and seek somekind of relive in their expressions.To me there is a red line in the whole mp collection.Indeed these times show more and more that humnanity is incapable of showing the right guide to live.It is said that we don’t have the right ability to steer ourselfs into the right direction wich is pretty much the reason of all the misery we go trough.Goverments are incapable of comming up with proper awnsers, all the ways we have tried to make this place a better place have failed while this world suffers more and more.Do our nation has send al lot of money to africa for food and medications it has not make any difference, or worse, it is proved that starvation and hunger victims have increased and war still rages on.It is pure evidence that we humans don’t have the ability to rule this world by ourselfs.So definitley yes, we need someone to show us the way, to guide us along, someone who’s been there and knows the lines.

        Question is ….who is this guide? For me it is crystal clear, i just wish everyone would feel the same.


          @supernaut: I bet you have lots of thoughts around it that you could share :)

          @mark de klerk: Completely agree. Who is the guide (for you)?

          I would guess MP has been searching for meaning through psychedelics, and alot of people seem to find comfort and balance through the unifying experiences provided therein. Others through religion. I can’t see this in MP, what with Ãœberwagner and Walking with J for example.

          At any rate, something abviously needs to kick western culture onto the right track again.. Leave the greedy selfish hands of capitalist behind, give science and reason a chance to guide the masses instead of, well, you know. Fairy tales.

          edit: If any of you have read Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon, he talks alot about the spiritual crisis that seem to haunt technologically advancing societies. I see a parallell here. Think Bent is into sci-fi?


            I seldomly interpret lyrics, so… unless it strikes me really hard. But your analysis is really sharp. So I couldn’t get that one outta my head now anyway.

            Btw what makes you so sure Bent wrote all the lyrics?

            (I should’ve asked him in my dream last night. Yep I did dream meeting them. Jeez… and I also dreamt I was involved in the TV show Lost but it became all real and I had to calm down Desmond who was about to lose his marbles and suddenly there were zombie dogs and all…)


            Great choice for the song of the month. My hopes were up after “Black Hole/Blank Canvas”, but after that monolith hit, my faith in Motorpsycho being truly the only band that matters for me, was completely restored.

            The song for me stands for getting bogged down in old ways, breaking free of the strains of tradition and, ultimately reinvention end reinvigoration. It starts the whole segue of the album, right up to “And finally it’s coming together!” in ‘The Alchemyst’.

            Metaphysical connotations? Not for me. Not with this one, anyway. Now ‘Plan #1’ for instance… “And He made you for a purpose, right?” “Yeah.” “And He has a plan for you, right?” “Uhuh.” “Plan #1…”




              Ah here’s one though:

              I favoured this…

              “im here to steal your heart, add measures to your fear

              to make you so confused that everything becomes clear


              I’m the whirlwind that you reap

              having sown the wind I’ll wake you from your sleep

              I am chaos I combust

              to leave your pure enlightened mind fucked in the dust”

              …the moment I heard it. By picking it out of context: these verses struck me as a means to shake one’s foundations, precognitions and solid imageries and beliefs upon everything one defines. The writer/singer thrashes those of the listener to shambles. And trying to make something out through the dust and smoke we hopefully come to understand that a “truth” doesn’t exist. But that’s exactly what truth is.


                @supernaut: True, I have no idea if Bent wrote it, I just assumed I guess.

                @TvdR: Great way to put it. I’ve never looked at the lyrics on the album as a whole, perhaps I should!


                  I imagine Bent and Snah sing what they wrote respectively…


                    I had to edit my posting about that lyrics part due to strikingly bad english. Hope it makes sense now.


                    @TB.good question.I have my theories about this guide wich might be different then other peeps have because it’s my thoughts.It is said a guide must be led by god.Since it has to be a human too the process of having contact with god is interesting.Some sources could be a well from wich depths pure water comes.Then again, could the call of the guide fail? Would god let his guide fail? I could talk for hours but mainly comes down to that my guide must be formaliar with it.

                    yeyeyeye, cut and paste art about this used to be my fav. i made one of stg too.


                    I agree there is somewhat of a destructive/re-constructive message-line that “a hoof to the head” contains.Reminds me a bit of a phrase of “walking with J” (what is the book you read compared to what he said).It points out (for me) to the issue of my struggle with this book i had a some time ago wich is called :(zen, and the art of motorcycle maintenance).Just like the two lines i see troughout the mp collection, songs like “ocean in her eye” and “hey jane” are black and white to me like V.S and ever9.You possibly speak of dark and light songs between the twilight.

                    Spiritual poverty and so called advanced societies goes hand in hand if you look it up in some older books.In fact, that is where all trouble started, assuming old babylon was the first society that collapsed for this reason.I think we are unique in this universe and we have no furhter message to other allienated life in space.I think it is pretty weird that we humans don’t seem to understand the unique position we have with this earth in space.It’s not like we see any other planet that ressembles life like ours near the planet we live and yet we seem to enjoi ourselfs with answers like there used to be water on mars.Mainly this is what it’s all about, the focus of humanity on something totally irrelevant.With all these problems we face on our own planet: wars, greed, poverty, etc…it is about time we start focussing on things that do matter and we definitely need to focus on the right sort of guidence but most people dont care because they sit right with money or power or have fears of change.

                    To me, it doesn”t impresses me that much: whole society getting more and more advanced.Most of things that get invented are not really that bright and i assume that all our knowledge comes from the gods.We just seem to be using our knowledge for our own purposes.Ego is the living planet.


                      @mark: True words. Society is on the totally wrong track. Success today is material goods, 15 minutes on TV. Not understanding, compassion, caring for others and being mindful of your environment. People just sit on their asses all week doing pointless jobs that exist only to keep this wasteful, shallow culture of mass spending afloat.

                      Suicide rates, depression, cancer, alcohol and hard drug abuse. Riding around in metal boxes, living in concrete boxes, food comes from paper boxes and plastic bags. No wonder you get down in the dumps.

                      Countless people dying everyday because some greedy, careless fucks are stealing their food and their water, giving them nothing in return. Creationism on the rise, religion fighting science and reason, telling fairy tales to lull people in. Don’t break out, conform, conform, conform. Cut your hair short and buy those Levi’s. Wear a shirt to work. Conformity is absolute if it were up to some.

                      We have a pretty wild communications network with both stationary and mobile devices capable of sharing information at low costs around the globe, and what do we use it for? Ring tones and pornography. Yeah. Go humanity.

                      It’s true, we do need someone to kick our asses into place.

                      ‘The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.’ ~Isaac Asimov

                      We’ll kill ourselves with our technology.


                      Thx for your reply.I was thinking what a right respons might be to your awnser.My opinion is that music must be a way to reach out to people and show them an alternative way, maybe create an movement with music, a movement with a statement wich is free to pick up for anyone and learn something about it.I think MP has done a great job already and reaching out to more people with this statement might lit more fires.I would be great to see MP do full football stadiums and have their own empire from wich everything blooms, they just might turn the odds and show all other bands, people, anyone that music and these political ideas come together wich might inspire the right persons on the right places to react and join the bands ideals and direction.It’s a dream, i know, but hey i am a dreamer and we all need a dream to live for.

                      Personally this goal ,achievement, this idea might be the real crown on MP anniversary.To become big and famous and have influence in a positive matter with an open mind for other psychonauts to join in and share thoughts,

                      have to go now.

                      cheers fools!!!!!!


                      @ Mark: “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”! Yippee! One of the most difficult but also most cathartic reads I’ve ever had! Took me five years to read it from beginning to end (maybe a comment on my dimwittedness, but hey…) Contact me if you want to talk about it (you still have my e-mail-address?). Also, I have a guidebook to “Zen…” which might be helpful.



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