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    I guess the lyrics Snah was singing during Hogwash had everyone heard before this evening. I think it sounded the Stay Young-lyrics. But it´s only a guess.

    They played around 2,5 hours this time. In my opinion the gig was a kind of a quiet one. If i remember the concerts over the last three years, so were there less impro-parts tonight and it felt like it could connect better with the audience or with people who haven´t been on Motorpsycho-concert before. Some songs appeared more gloomier to me then they did on another concert, for example: Blueberry, Hey Jane, PPPp, Hogwash and even Plan #1. I think a song which would fit perfectly in this set is Radiance Freq. Unfortunately I haven´t heard this one live.

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    Hi again!

    Do you have any plans before the concert in Dresden? We could try to meet up and take a beer or something like that :).

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    you can also try it here. the site is just in german, but maybe you have the possibility to read it or translate it with google … if it works. 49€ for to + 10€ for each one more. it´s not near the club, but you can get there by tram in ~45 minutes.

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    That sounds great :)! So i would be really glad to join the ride. Unfortunately do I neither know how to send PMs nor to find a kind of postbox or something in this forum. So maybe you can give me a hand to solve this quest so that either you can get my phonenumber or i can get your´s.

    I hope you bear in mind that Motorpsycho will have there gig at the Sentrum scene in Oslo at friday even if it´s presented on the Rockefeller-page.

    By the way do i have one ticket for the Kongsberg-concert to spare if you don´t already have yours … or someone else who reads this.

    @ all: Have a nice weekend!

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    If I remember right was it played before The Alchemyst. It´s a bit hard to say how long the song was but I think it were ca. 20-25 minutes. Maybe a little bit longer…during the noisy part was it hardly possible to know how much time had passed. After the part you can see on the video took it a little while till they came to a short calmer part before they continued with the rest of the vocallines.

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    Yes, that´s right. They played Bombproof Roll, too and how you can see, was this one of the two songs they were joined by Jørgen Træen. The other one was The Alchemyst. The parts Jørgen joined were very noisy and spacy ones. It reminded me a little bit of the last 20 minutes of a former Sonic Youth – concert.

    So, i had a spacesuit and travelled :wink: .

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    They played Riding the Tiger as encore,too.

    Playtime: ~ 2h 25min

    This was really a very great gig with many moments to smile.

    I´m looking forward to be there tomorrow again :mrgreen:

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    i hope anyone can help.i´m coming from germany and will see “motorsilent” at festiviteten in haugesund on march 24th. i will spend my holiday in bergen and that´s why i like to ask, if there´s anybody who will go from bergen to haugesund for this gig too and i could join.

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