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      Me and two (possibly three) friends are planning a mini-tour to see Motorpsycho in Germany come may.

      Does anyone know cheap places to stay? Friday-Monday. Hostel is fine, or cheap hotels.

      We will also accept couches/bath tubs/dog beds if someone is willing to take us in.

      boomer former helm

        He Traktorbass,

        it will be very hard to find accomodation in Munich and Dresden. In both towns hostels have the minimum of 3 night stay policy, because of the "Himmelfahrt" weekend. I had to book a "cheap" Hotel instead in Munich. In Dresden I run a small hostel with 8 rooms and have the same policy. I have to do it, and all other Hostels do the same. Same option would be cheap hotels, but please feel free to contact me by mail, I am sure somehow it will be propably possible to arrange something private here for fellow psychonauts ;-) martin(dot)grellmann at

        Btw. Ingo, Wulf and the others, if you read this, please write me if you need accomodation too. I have limited space here, but would like to help you along if needed.

        In Hamburg are some pretty hostels not far from the club, which you can find easily under


 could also be an option.


            Yay, I'm gonna couchsurf.


            Pretty good in Munich:


              I sent you an email, boomer.

              Thank you, FormerDaniel and TAF.



              you can also try it here. the site is just in german, but maybe you have the possibility to read it or translate it with google … if it works. 49€ for to + 10€ for each one more. it´s not near the club, but you can get there by tram in ~45 minutes.



                Hi TraktorBass, me and one, respectively two friends, doing the same MP-WE-Tour! A friend from Dresden recommended the hostel We've already booked a 3-bed-room for one night. They still have free rooms left.

                Two of us start friday in Cologne (already booked the train) and meet a friend who will arrive from Italy. Saturday morning we'll go together by train to Dresden.

                One friend has to go back from Dresden to Cologne.

                Two of us still looking for a cheap possibillity to go from Dresden to Hamburg and from Hamburg back to Cologne.

                Are you doing this tour by car or are you also going by train?


                  Thank you, zacklian!

                  Surftex: We will fly to Munich by plane on friday, then use trains to make our way to Dresden and Hamburg, then fly back home.

                  I will check out the Mondpalast.

                  Also: We should definitely meet up! That goes for all of you psychonauts.


                    Surftex: We'll arrive at 14.00 in Munich will take this train connection from Munich to Dresden:

                    ICE 1508 München Hbf ab 11:15 – Nürnberg Hbf an 12:31

                    IRE 3091 Nürnberg Hbf ab 12:42 – Dresden Hbf an 16:56

                    It's quite cheap.

                    The connections from Dresden to Hamburg are more expensive.

                    We booked a cheap but slow one:

                    RE 17064 Dresden-Neustadt ab 11:24 – Leipzig Hbf an 12:51

                    IC 2036 Leipzig Hbf ab 13:40 – Magdeburg Hbf an 14:56

                    RE 17620 Magdeburg Hbf ab 15:03 Uelzen an 16:45

                    ME 82128 Uelzen ab 16:58 – Hamburg Hbf an 18:00

                    And YES! We should definitely meet up!


                    Hi again!

                    Do you have any plans before the concert in Dresden? We could try to meet up and take a beer or something like that :).

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