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    I created a backside: Oya Festival 2010 Back


      Good work with the cover art, guys! :)

      And yeah, a record collecturs club in the vein of mule tracks or King Crimson’s Live archive would kick serious butt! Of course, such a project might also mean that the guys either 1) hire a dedicated archivist, which they may or may not afford (although I’d easily do it for free!), or 2) spend more time on old songs and less time on new ones, which would be a drag.


      Awesome artwork guys :)


        Cool work :) I have artwork I did for about 30 more releases if thats interesting. Almost all of them with pics from the actual gigs.


        I’m always interested in artwork. I’m still working on a database for the whole artwork for all shows. If it’s ready, I’ll post it on motortrades.org or probably I’ll relaunch a CoverArchive-Site like motortrades.info. Currently I’ve got artwork for over 300 shows here. So if you or someone else wants to trade, please let me know.


        Hi There!

        In this thread, someone uploaded a very nice picture showing Motorpsycho testing for Oya in their practise room, or school (or something like that). In front, there were some children with mickey mouses on their ears. Very Nice…. but i did not save it. :-(

        Did anyone have a copy of this picture or a link to a webside? Thanks for helping and keep well.



          Hi knoot!

          Thank You so much!

          All the best!



          Hey guys!

          First i just want to say thanks for all the amazing work you people are putting in to keep us all updated about whats going on with MP! Thank you!

          Second, i would very much appreciate an invite to motortrades. When i found out you have your own torrentsite, my heart went boom! :P

          So if anyone have an invite, please send it to jaandersen83[at]gmail[dot]com


          @ HoffaLompen:

          You can get a subscription for Motortrades at:





            a 35 minute documentary from this year's Øya. MP-related content starts at the 27th minute approx (snippets of Feel + interview) And celebrity alert @ 27:50 :mrgreen:


            Snah: "I hoped for Demon Box, actually"

            So, same time next year?


              Strange then how Snah mentioned in the Haircuts documentary from 2000 that he can't imagine to get into that Demon Box mood anymore. I'd love to see them doing Feedtime and all those.


                otherdemon: Funny moment with MP at the 15 minute mark as well.

                  otherdemon: Funny moment with MP at the 15 minute mark as well.

                  Oh yeah, I forgot about Bent, the environmental villain :lol:

                Viewing 15 posts - 196 through 210 (of 212 total)
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                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994