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      Half decent recordings Traktor. And I’m surprised that you managed to capture my roar of joy at 10:31 in TGC :lol: I must’ve yelled loud then.


      Not able to listen to your recordings Traktorbass; says the downloading limit is reached. Somthing i’m doing wrong or what..? Please help if you can.


        It’s possible that Rapidshare has some kinda limit on how many times the files can be downloaded. In that case, they have to be re-uploaded.


        This Show was amazing! We travelled to Oslo on Friday and stay here til tomorrow (Monday). I am a big fan since Demon Box and most the time i visit 1-4 shows every Tour (most in the middle to northern area of Germany).

        Funny Story: Going to the Oya at 13 o Clock we met Snah on the Streets. My wife said: Oh look, there is Snah comming! I was so excited… We had a little smalltalk about the festival and holidays and at least we take a picture.

        At Oya: When Tony Allen plays, we made a small break at the tribunes. The VG People made a lottery and i won 4 beers and a vegetarian pizza. At least i saw a very amazing MP concert with a very good sound. All in all a very incredible weekend for my wife and me. Thank god for this event!

        All the best and keep well!



        Yes, I think that’s what it said. So, Traktorbass, you mind re-uploading it? Have to hear the magic from last night again :lol:



          So.. Did anyone ser camera-crew recording this? If the band said no to P3, I would Think they taped it themselves or what?


            There were video-cameras, yes. They were shooting footage for the screens.

            So it was filmed, at least.


              They always film all of the concerts on the main stage, and they usually end up at NRKs web pages, but not this time I guess.




                Thanks for the recordings, traktorbass! Unfortunately I only managed to snatch TGC before the links expired. :/


                  Fantastic show! I almost bumped into Lars Lien (99% sure it was him) at Gardermoen airport, but he seemed to be in a hurry, so I didn’t get the chance to say hi.

                  Regarding rapidshare: If the uploader creates a premium account (free), files have no limitations on number of downloads. (unless they’ve changed it)


                    I’ll see what I can do tomorrow!


                      try sendspace.com or megaupload.com no registration acquired


                        we met bent & toss (sp?) at big dipper and had a small chat. i also met converge’s bass player at the airport in a waiting lounge, which was funny, as both of us were wearing the same swans t-shirt, which obviously was an easy start for a conversation.

                        otoh i find these situations a bit awkward because i’m sure such situations happen often for these guys and i don’t want to disturb anybody. i guess the lyrics for limelight by rush sums it up pretty well.

                      Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 212 total)
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