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    Hercules Wolftrap

      I bought Blissard on CD when it came out. If you rewinded the first track you could find a hidden track. It also worked if you put the whole album on repeat. Does anyone know what the name of the track is? Has it been released in some other format? I have not heard it in over a decade. It would be nice to hear it again. I believe its in the same vein as Nathan Daniel's Tune From Hawaii, which I love. Please and thank you, cheers


        It's called "Jazz på Trøndska", and was also featured as the last track on the last disc of the deluxe CD edition of Blissard :-)

        Hercules Wolftrap

          Thank you very much


          "Jazz på Trøndska" is a nod to "Jazz på Svenska" or "Jazz in swedish",

          as Blissard was recorded in Sweden.

          "Jazz på Svenska" is a iconic jazz record by Jan Johansson, who died at very young age in a car accident.

          The record should be available "everywhere", e.g:


          Hercules Wolftrap

            Thank you @mikke

            Im diggin so far.

            This is my recent discovery

            Jan Garbarek Quartet – Afric Pepperbird


            you are on the right track now 🤗


              Ah, so that's where it is! I knew there was a secret track, and in the past I knew where it was, but i couldn't find it anymore.

              (and thanks tryllebal, didn't know that was the same song)


                @Hercules Wolftrap – Then you might also want to check out the band African Pepperbirds, featuring a familiar drummer. It looks like they have released one album https://www.discogs.com/artist/5928488-African-Pepperbirds


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