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      Hello fellow psychonauts,

      Got back from a very nice day in Lierop. It was my first time at Nirwana's Tuinfeest, a small cosy and today sold out festival.

      The weather very nice, sunny with some clouds. Didn't pay attention to the first couple of bands. After Kensington stopped playing we went the stage to get a good position for the (in my case 25th) Motorpsycho gig. What I noticed during the soundcheck:

      – Bent had a white fender precision bass with transparent pick guard I have never seen him with before.

      – Kenneth played a dark red/brown Ludwig kit.

      – Bent was wearing a green Boston 1973 grateful dead T

      – & most important: Kenneth had a mustache.

      Before the show started me and my friends were wondering wether they would play three or four songs, since they only had an hour playtime.

      We got:

      1. S.T.G.

      2. Sail On

      3. August

      4. Cornucopia

      5. Mad sun

      6. Hell

      7. Sinful windborne

      A very good show! Bent showing of his dutch language skills in between the songs, Their guitar tech was at the side of the stage enjoying himself and happily dancing during some parts of songs, some Norwegians in the crowd waving the Norwegian flag (adding to the atmosphere), the band was in good mood.

      As for the playing today, I have to mention one man: Reine Fiske!

      His playing was for me the highlight of the show. During the long outro of STG he played great. Again during the jam in cornucopia, which had no other songs in it, Reine sounded so focused and concentrated and did great playing. This jam was just awesome, haven't heard a version like this before. Too bad that some in the band (snah mostly) forgot to join the band after the drum roll from Kenneth leading back into the song. Mad Sun was (of course) a nice surprise. Reine breaking a string at the beginning of the song.

      Then Hell, which was excellent. A very funny moment during the usually very difficult short drumbreaks. The first two were difficult, and then the third one I think, Kenneth did a very unexpected crescendo relatively simple break, which made him and bent laugh.

      The jam at the end was very cool sounding. As well as the outro of STG, the jam in cornucopia this jam really fitted the sunny warm weather and relaxed vibe on the festival.

      After sinful the show ended, and the only complaint could be that this set was too short.

      For what it's worth: ugly kid joe was.. well.. also there. And vista chino was… ridiculously loud, had a not-fitting-the-band bass player and sounded uninspired in my ears. We left early, but happy.


        Thanks. Nice.


        Due to some massive delays with the pubic transport, I missed everything up to Motorpsycho's set. Also didn't care about the first bands, so it didn't matter that much. And entering a festival site on the first harmonics of STG was a great welcome :p

        Band was in a great mood and put up a great set. Especially Mad Sun was a big surprise. My friends (one of then who actually leaves for Trondheim for two years this week) were already surprised by the spaced out 10 minute opener, who the fuck does that with just one hour to play B)

        Watched Ugly Kid Joe from afar. The highlight was the Motorhead cover Aces of Spades, which says enough about the show.

        Really enjoyed Vista Chino though. Welcome To Sky Valley ranks second on my alltime favourite albumlist (even above every Motorpsycho record) so I was pretty pleased when they played 4,5 songs from that record. Also didn't really like their current bassplayer, but at least the mighty Bjork was behind the drumkit groovin' his ass off


        Here is a proshot video of August. Hope they will release some more video's.

          Here is a proshot video of August. Hope they will release some more video's.

          Great video! "Meer volgt" "more to follow" let's hope they release the entire concert :D




            Cool shit, and a very nice setlist for only an hour., Think they fueled up in Beelen.

            But you got a Cornucopia and a Bent with a DEAD shirt…Sigh….

            Did they jam on THE OTHER ONE? Or LOVE SUPREME?

            And, holy shit, did somebody tape?


            Don't exactly know how The Other One goes, but the jam definitely had a Grateful Dead vibe =D

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