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      So you thought you might like to go to the show?


      Yes thank you please! And if we get Mounain tonight, I will be one happy camper ;)


        Correct me if i'm wrong. Haven't listened too much to the two latest records.

        Year 0


        Song from Child of the future->?





        Kill devil hills->llm


        Mountain->nothing to say

        Gullible travails


          I'll try a setlist:

          Year Zero

          New Song #1 (Leslie's Vest, according to kaizer's setlist-scan)

          Whole Lotta Diana —>

          StarWheelHammer —>

          New Song #2 (Neanderthal, according to kaizer's setlist-scan)


          Pillz, Powderz & Pazzionplayz

          Close Your Eyes (drastic re-interpretation, somewhat similar to the autumn 2002 version, but way heavier)

          Kill Devil Hills —>

          Hallucifuge —>

          The Alchemyst

          Mountain —>

          Nothing To Say

          Gullible's Travails

          Total duration: 2h 35 mins (from 22:00 to 00:35)

          Mixed feelings about this gig. Playing was tight as fuck, setlist decent. But there was something missing. And Snah was imho uninspired, playing too much noisy non-descript stuff with effects. And the sound was awful where I stood (it improved later on though, somewhere in the more mellow parts of Pills). When the sound did improve, the setlist also got better. So the last half of the gig was pretty good.

          StarWheelHammer was awesome, Greener and Pills too. And Close Your Eyes was for me the definitive highlight of the night with some downright incredible jamming.

          And the Mountain/Nothing To Say combo obviously brought the house down.

          Funny Bent comment before Mountain: "This song also did not win the Spellemann award" :lol:

          (Spellemann award = Norwegian Grammy's which was held the same night. HMF nominated in best rock, and did not win)

          But hey, everyone can have an average day at the office…


          Average day? To me this was awesome as hell, beautiful gig. Nothing else to say.

          Got Bent's setlist which reveals the unknown songs from their upcoming album (rock opera). It is posted on songkick.com.


            Rock opera still upcoming? I thought that was done with HMF. You got great news for me sunshine!


              Kill Devil Hills —>

              Hallucifuge —>

              The Alchemyst



                Given the brilliant London show — what Snah does there really blows me away — which was recorded just 3,5 months ago it's hard to believe these last two shows were painted by numbers by him, uninspired, soulless and cold. Can't hardly believe it. I would love to have a recording to hear for myself :-)


                  Maybe uninspired was a harsh word to use. He did look into it. But I guess the shitty sound during the first hour contributed to that impression. His guitars and effects just blurred into one big mess during that first segment.

                  Note to self: Choose different place to stand and watch next time at Rockefeller :lol:

                  On a positive note: When Snah switched to playing keys (fender rhodes?) on the first part of the Mountain-jam, I got some serious Robert Fripp-vibes when I saw him on stage :lol:


                    "Starwheelhammer" on YouTube:



                    Mixed feelings about this concert as well. Sound veeery bad the first few songs. Don't know if I would call it uninspired, Snah seemed to be in a very good mood and all, but I think some of the jamming/noodling went absolutely nowhere. Of course PPP and Greener are some of my absoulte favs, but yesterday… nah… Not enough heart and soul in it for me. Felt more like the guys have their hearts in the new songs and the Fruit/LLM stuff these days. Thats only natural of course. To me, they did not nail Gullibles Travils at all. Came of a bit boring, to be honest.

                    On the upside, Hallucifuge and Alchymyst were absolute killer, new songs seems good, and Close Your Eyes was THE highlight of the show. Brilliant and worth the ticket alone for me. Needs to be released in this version – NOW!!!


                      You pretty much said it there, HeartattackMac. I too have mixed feelings, but I think that mostly comes from the set-list feeling a bit "incomplete" to me. And apart from some slight moshing in the front, the response was the most reserved I've seen and heard from an Oslo-crowd, but there were still plenty of stupid beer-throwing idiots on the gallery. That being said – at least there were very few quiet moments during this gig, so nothing was spoiled by talking.

                      I think that the band was mostly fine. The new songs sounded promising, and had plenty of brilliant moments, but I have to say that the absolute low-point for me was Pills. It sounded way tired, and the jam went absolutely nowhere. At one point Bent and Snah looked at each other with that "How do we get out of this?"-look. If they'd swapped that with "Timothy's Monster" or "Heartattack Mac" from the same record, the gig might have taken on a new dimension. "Greener" was actually better tonight than in 2009, although the audience didn't sing this time around.

                      Bent and Kenneth seemed to be in a really "light" mood, playing tighter than ever, and going everywhere rhythmically with ease, while Snah seemed to be in a "deeper" and "slower" place. And while he wasn't constantly "on fire", I think it's a long stretch to call him "uninspired". His tone was amazing, and he explored some really interesting and unusual stuff to my ears, at least. For instance during "Starhammer", he played a pattern that resembled the flute in the opening of "Ruckzuck" by Kraftwerk. I also love those noisy Neil Young meets Kevin Shields-moments there were plenty of tonight.

                      The "Kill Devil Hills -> Hallucifuge -> The Alchemyst"-section was really powerful, with Bent only showing any signs of reservation through his vocals. His playing was flawless. And I agree that "Close Your Eyes" might have been the highlight. It was psych heaven at times, and Snah was simply spot on. Kenneth's drumming was also economic and great here. He has really blossomed in the MP-shirt.

                      I filmed the whole gig in HD, but the results are unspectacular. The sound is sub-par mono, and I was so into the music that the camera is shaky to the point of being surprisingly unwatchable at times from the bits I've checked out. Guess I could have sacrificed a lot more for the video, but I didn't want to let it take me away from the experience. I doubt there will be much interest in this gig anyway, but if there is, I can always put some stuff up on YouTube. Just let me know!


                        Thanks for the lenghty comments! If no other recording of this gig will show up the audio of your video might indeed be interesting to have.


                          Could you guys tell a bit more about Close Your Eyes? Similar to the Haircuts version or…?

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