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    I was lucky enough to get a picture of The Wall of Sound earlier today! If anyone are up for a beer before the concert, I'll be at Apollon from ca 19:30. I work there from time to time, I'll make sure they play some motorpsychodelic tunes!


    Fiske & amps: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3vpd5q7XG9_RlllYnhMZEZJSGs/edit?usp=sharing

    KK drumkit: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3vpd5q7XG9_ZW9jak9iWVdXR2c/edit?usp=sharing


      Wow. How excellent was that? A great, great show, made even better by the fact that the audience was actually listening. The quiet parts are normally spoiled by people talking; this time there was complete silence.

      Highlights? Plenty. They played five Bliss-songs (Sinful, Drug thing, Greener [final encore], STG, and a marvellous Manmower). The highlight was another mid-nineties song though, an out of this world-version of Un Chien.

      I haven't heard the Eggplant yet. Some new songs appealed to me, others did not. Ratcatcher, for instance, didn't impress me too much. Nevertheless, a very fine concert.


        Wow, that was even better than yesterday.

        Couldn't make it to Apollon, there was not a single train going from Oslo to Bergen today, luckily we found a bus and just made it in time.

        I don't have a setlist and I'm not good at remembering songs, but additionally to the setlist in Oslo, they also played Greener, Manmower, Upstairs/downstairs and Whip that ghost. Playtime was 2:45.

        Although I found sound and lights better in Oslo, I was somehow more impressed today. Could be just my mood, but K9 was so much better, although I loved it already yesterday. Manmower is the best Blissard song, being the only one with some improvisation in the middle.


          I hope the keep on playing sets like this for the upcoming shows as well. What a great beginning of a tour!


          One (of rather a lot) picture from last night:



          Wow, great gig yesterday! There were plenty of highlights, but as kjesso points out, Ratcatcher didn't impress (me either). The soundscape was at times a bit messy, I didn't always catch the details of Fiskes guitar (and I changed spots three times during the concert). Anyways, I was lucky enough to get the setlist, see the pictures here:

          Bergen 2013

          Bergen 2013 Setlist


            Wow – three of six posts start with the word "wow". Uh … better make that four out of seven.

            Vegard B. Havdal

              Heh, Smoke on the water and Paranoid optional encores? :STG:


                All that about the last two nights sounds great.

                Can't wait…

                One question, do they sell this as poster?


                  No poster on sale in Oslo. 4 t-shirts and Eggplant + TDDU on vinyl/cd was all.


                  Superstoka: Perfect Sounds Forever gave away ca 40 posters for free, as they were too big to put up on many of the regular spots in Bergen. None left in Bergen for sale, but keep an eye open during the tour! They sold out all merch in Oslo, so nothing was left over for Bergen.. Amongst the merch was some of the exclusive Marbled Vinyl edition of TDDU, they are now SOLD OUT.

                  Vegard: For a moment, it looked like they were about to do another encore after Greener, don't you think? I guess that SOTW & Paranoid was only a joke, though!

                    The soundscape was at times a bit messy, I didn't always catch the details of Fiskes guitar (and I changed spots three times during the concert)

                    I noticed that their stage setup was a bit different in Bergen than in Oslo. At Rockefeller it was Bent left, Snah & Kenneth centerstage, and Reine far right. While Bergen was different? That could have an effect on the sound balance (at Rockefeller I for the first time experienced a flawless MP-gig soundwise from A-Z)

                    I'm not surprised all the merch sold out in Oslo; I saw several people buying MULTIPLE Eggplant vinyls & other merch :lol:

                    Short question: Did Cornucopia include either King Kong or Go To California? Or was it a "normal" Cornucopia?


                      Thanks, I will keep my eyes open. :D


                        stooka: do you really have some space left in your appartment for another mp poster?

                        Short question: Did Cornucopia include either King Kong or Go To California? Or was it a "normal" Cornucopia?

                        If I remember correctly it was as follows: Cornucopia > King Kong > The Other One > Go To California > Cornucopia.

                        It was great.

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