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      Support band I Like To Sleep looking good to go (photo by my favourite son).



        A certain Ståle is present at Samfundet. Guest appearance???


          According to Bent, StÃ¥le's son plays in the support band….


            And here's yesterday's setlist:


            Looks like a long one!


              The support band – I Like to Sleep – are Amund Storløkken Ã…se on vibraphone, Øyvind Leite on drums and Nicolas Leirtrø on baritone guitar / double bass. That should explain great music, and also the presence of proud father StÃ¥le Storløkken.

              The main band also did a pretty good show imho. About 2h45m :STG:


              Guess the song…


                Before the show I had nice chats with two guys from Switzerland and a German couple, all coming to Trondheim to see the Supersonic Scientist exhibition at Rockheim before it is taken down by the end of April, and to catch the band on their home turf. (Hi guys, very nice meeting you – hope to be seeing you again :D ). Maybe the next award up for the band will be from the local tourist industry.

                And what a great show it was.


                Some more pictures here.


                What a beautiful set of pictures. Thank you so much!


                Ever wanted to see the North Lights, but to see a real Northlightthunderstorm was just magic! Great Show Guys!

                Hey Thor, nice to meet You too, i am shure we will meet again :D Great Pics!


                Hi ThorEgil!

                Same for us! Great pleasure to met you! We spent a perfect weekend at Trondheim!!! For sure, we´ll see us again.

                Today, we´re startin the little german tour. Looking forward to Hannover concert :-)

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