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    Great King Rat

      This is from memory, there might be some mistakes but it should roughly be correct:

      – PPP (mellow, 10 min)

      – Ship of fools (tight, jammy, 15 min)

      – Million Bubbles (10 min, might have turned into sth else, I'm not sure. The end didn't have much to do with the original song)

      – Dreamhome (again very jammy, 15 min)

      – The other fool (very rocky, a lot harder than on the album)

      – Feel (just beautiful)

      – The crucible (massive, both Snah and Bent on doublenecks, >20 min)

      – Lux Aeterna

      – Psychotzar

      – 577 (again very jammy, rouhgly 10 min)

      – You lied

      – Hogwash

      – Black to come

      – The tower (? Not sure here, I left straight after B2c to catch the last train, it's just a guess. But it wasn't Fools gold.)

      Great show! Good sound where I stood, next to the mixing board. Very hard rocking, not too far out in space. Band in a great mood, quite a lot of (non-verbal) communication with the crowd. Didn't understand most of Bent's comments but they obviously had a great time. Snah was on fire! Some great soloing, especially in the first four songs. Ship of fools and Dreamhome seem to have developed into "hits", the audience really digged them. The crucible songs were great, though they're still growing on me. Highlights for me (and apparently many others) were the last four songs before the encore. Man, what a ride! A good deal of sing along among the crawd there, too. Reine is a nice addition, the second guitar was awesome, especially in Hogwash and B2c. Man, B2c! Hadn't heard that in years! Worked perfectly as the last song for me, doesn't bother me at all to have missed the encore.

      They had brought sth. like 35 copies of the tour box, which were gone quite quickly.

      EDIT: Reading last night's setlist again, it seems likely that it was ÃœberPilgrim tonight, too. I just didn't recognize Pilgrim. And: Bent changed those lyrics in The other fool tonight, too, though it was something else this time, I think.

      And a funny little addition in the otherwise serious/sad Feel by Bent: "… She'll never know just what she missed – HA!" (As in: you don't deserve it anyway, or sth like that.)

      Guybrush Threepwood

        thx @ Great King Rat

        you mention a tour box. What is that?


          The tour box is probably the english, motorpsychodelic, version of this one?


          Great King Rat

            I guess it is. I'm not entirely sure cause I didn't get one. They called it tour box, 10"-size, slver packaging.


              Cool, they performed the new album backwards.

              Great King Rat



                  Exactly, that's the one. Massive and intense show – they tore the house down at the end of the main set. The Crucible album played in reverse was breathtaking. The Tower without "spacepart" as they were running out of time (the ferry to London doesn't wait), rest of the set full of amazing jams – PPP was the last encore in 2000 and last night they opened the show with it, already on total flight mode. Marthalle was cooking and it was great to meet so many fellow Psychonauts and celebrate Stickman's anniversary – cheers J&R :cheers: Tomas is again stronger integrated and a driving force, such a gentle character and what a monsterplayer! London will be taken by storm at a (sold out) concert, looking forward to Leuven and Wiesbaden. This band is the gold at the rainbow's end, have fun on the road everyone :STG:


                    What a burst of energy! The second part of the gig was elevated by band and crowd feeding off each other until the power package of "You Lied > Hogwash > Black To Comm" ultimately brought the house down. I don't think I have ever seen "Black To Comm" so heavy and explosiv, people were screaming and punching in the air with fists. THE jam highlight of the night was "Dreamhome" covering lots of new ground while being stretched out at every little turn. "PPP" was another floating psychedelic space ("We'll have to bring it down a bit…") and they also totally killed "Ãœberpilgrim". The energy in the packed room was palpable and remarkable, with the band acknowledging it with big grins and repeated thank yous. I think after drifting for a few years Motorpsycho have finally made their home in Hamburg at Markthalle, which is a great venue to be totally tuned in and submerge yourself in the music. Respect and congratulations to Stickman Records for being broke, confused and sticky for 25 years! :cheers:

                    Weren't there two encore breaks? I believe they left the stage after "Lux" and "Black To Comm".


                    What a freakin' perfect setlist!!


                    And a perfect night indeed!

                    After all these years, how can I still be preplexed about the amount of energy that this band can prdouce. Within the first song! They were already full on when they entered the stage. Always a pleasure to witness.

                    Did anyone catch what Bent sang in "The other fool"?

                    What were we supposed to chill out to?

                    Also: did I mishear that or did Bent announce it as being from IALC?

                    "Dreamhome" was way out there. Amazing.

                    I am still trying to gather myself.

                    Congratulations to everyone who will see them (again) this tour. I wonder where they have ascended to until… – well: tomorrow, even!

                    Have fun!


                      how were Elder?

                      Great King Rat

                        @supernaut: No idea, I only saw a couple of minutes.

                        : Not really sure. It sounded vaguely like "(something) hein(t)z" but I have no clue what he actually sang.

                        : Not as far as I remember. They seemed to take a minute of rest or so before doing Psychtzar, but stayed on stage.

                        Rats Nest

                          @Netsrak: jup. Bent actually did annouce The Other Fool as being from IALC 😆


                            Bent indeed said "This is sth. of, eeerm 'It's A Lovecult' … " / I understood to chill out to sth. like "Kaiser".

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