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    Setlist from notes/memory:

    Starhammer ->

    All Is Loneliness

    New Song

    Acoustic set:

    Fools Gold

    Blueberry Daydream


    Close Your Eyes

    Whole Lotta Diana ->

    Mountain ->

    Walking On the Water ->

    Nothing To Say

    Gullible's Travails

    Show start: 22:05

    Show ended: 23:59

    Approximatly 2 hours of GREAT fun!


    The New song had this chorus btw: "I'll never go back, I'll never go back, I'll never go back there" or somthing like that.


      You beat me to it! Setlist matches my own notes. I'd only add that Diana —> Nothing To Say had practically no breaks between the songs! And Starhammer went pretty straight into Loneliness (and oh, the climax in Loneliness took on apocalyptic proportions, incredible, probably best version I've ever heard!)

      The new interpretation of Close Your Eyes was also magnificent, with bonus points to Kenneth for juggling drumsticks and keys during the quiet "chorus".

      And let's not forget the hilarious synchronized dancing during Mountain!!! I love absurd randomness like that, more please! :)


        Thanks for the setlist? No "The wheel" in "Starhammer"?


        I edited in the transitions now, Rolf. :-)

        Indeed a show with a lot of energy, even though it was far from sold out. Really looking forward to tonight's show!

        No "The wheel" in "Starhammer"?



        How was the sound ?

        Where you at the floor or gallery ?


          I was up in the gallery. Sound was great. Will test the floor tonight. :)

          Great show last night, but the crowd seemed a little unenthusiastic. As stated, it was far from sold-out, and I have never seen a crowd rush faster to the exit doors, than 0.2 seconds after Gullible's Travails was over. Hopefully better today.


            Thursday was the added show – Tonight's the night ;-)

              and I have never seen a crowd rush faster to the exit doors, than 0.2 seconds after Gullible's Travails was over. Hopefully better today.

              I read on someone's Twitter that it was because the last train was about to leave shortly after the gig end. So the crowd rushing to the exit doors, were those train-passengers, I guess :lol:


                And some of us with kids needing to get to school again today.

                A big thank you to the band for letting the kids experience some real good music!!

                And a big thank you to the support band – Your Headlights Are On. They were worth the money alone.


                  Oho, "Your Headlights Are On" must be pretty good then?! I usually don't like support bands on motorpsycho shows, especially when this has the effect to shorten the main set or one has to fear to miss the connection home afterwards :twisted:


                  I was on the gallery as well and enjoyed very good sound throughout most of the show, though as the sound level got higher the sound quality became slightly worse.

                  Was disappointing that they didn't have any visuals last night, but maybe Pekka wasn't available for the extra show.

                  And on a final note, the warm up, Your Headlights Are On were very good especially their last song.


                    I was a bit late for Your Headlights Are On, and the first songs I heard was "OK", but their final number was great. Tuba as an alternative to bass guitar is always welcome!


                      The review in Adressa


                        And now I see that Your Headlights Are On will play support also tonight. Starting at 21:00

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