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    @Be – I've downloaded the compilation from the link you gave. And would love to get a copy of Reutlingen too. Thanks so much.

    Reutlingen is also found in Be's zip-file ;)

    Thanks for the link!


      Here are Hannover, Berlin and Stavanger from 1998:



      Thanks a bunch! I grabbed them both :D

      Punj Lizard

        Brilliant. Thanks Be.


          I revisited Reutlingen 1998/05/21 and I was wrong about a couple of things.

          First of all, they did play K9/Un Chien, and a great version it was too. Not a bad one in the bunch in 1998 though. Apart from that though, it was a more hard rocking/jammy set without a lot of the spacier/mellower/psychedelic songs from that tour like Rad Freq, Manmower and The Wheel.

          Secondly, I remembered it as being a very good show. It's not. It's a *stunning* show with definitive versions of Ocean in Her Eye, Heartattack Mac and STG (to my ears anyway). The energy in Heartattack Mac is unbelievable, and the breakdown section of STG goes deep into skronk territory before they bring it back with devastating power and a spaced out outro section. Superb stuff.

          The recording is also excellent – when it gets super loud it's saturated and distorting, but in a pleasant way which adds to the visceral impact. It has a very "you are there" feeling, with excellent bass and excellent sense of space. Snah's reverbed guitar sounds huge!

          If anything lets the show down it's a slightly anti-climactic ending with "hit" songs before Vortex Surfer, but I guess the boys needed to chill out after a massively loud and hard show. Probably in my top 3 of all time recorded MP shows.

          The Other Anders

            Great comments! Reutlingen was on 1998/05/22, btw.

            This thread also inspired me, and I had just put Reutlingen on when I read this.

            STG: I haven't reached that far into the concert yet, but I just listened to the 19 min version from Deventer 1997-05-30, and I imagine that one will be hard to top. I also know they did some great versions during the '98 spring tour. It will be exciting to see if I agree with you.


              @The Other Anders: Agreed with you 100% about the Deventer '97 version of STG (especially

              when they mix in some Wheel in there.)

              In fact I think 1997 was a far better year live-wise than '98. Something about

              the combination of that wild energy coupled with great setlists and selected spaceouts

              that tickles my fancy. '98 had mostly predictable setlists and uneven performances, IMO.

              However I like the Reutlingen one (awesome version of Ocean In Her Eye)

              Oslo, Berlin and Deventer from '97 are 3 of my all-time favorite MP live recordings. Those

              are mandatory for everyone calling themselves psychonauts :lol:


                I beg to differ. IMHO they were on a different plane by 1998. Everything they did was sublime and touched by the hand of God (Snah?).


                  No prob. Would be boring if everyone agreed on everything.

                  I do agree that Un Chien was far better in '98 than in '97.

                  The Other Anders

                    We cannot all fully agree on everything, that is what makes this so much fun!

                    I am rediscovering true happiness as I recently found my way back to some serious psychonauting, this forum being a huge inspiration. Going to more gigs again and meeting many of you out there is another huge part of it, and the third part of it was unpacking a couple of old boxes of recordings I stacked away 13 years ago. A big mistake it was! (Stacking them away, that is.)

                    I remember 1998 to be my favorite year, but I am rediscovering 1997 as we speak. First the Oslo '97 AADAP re-issue, then Deventer '97. Now I need to dig deeper!

                    STG: I still hold the Deventer '97 version over Reutlingen '98, but they are both fantastic in each their way.

                    Un Chien made a huge leap in development from '97 to '98, but the Deventer '97 version is still up there among the best / most interesting.

                    If you are collecting the essentials, you need both Deventer '97 and Reutlingen '98.


                      There are actually some recordings from 1997, I discovered. I have:

                      Genova, Roma, Deventer, Offenbach, Berlin and Trondheim.

                      They all have killer setlists. Roma has K9, Vortex Surfer and the Golden Core in one gig. For me that would be the ultimate experience!

                      Is there more?


                        @Be: There's the Haugesund '97 gig which is incomplete, but features the rarely played Roger McGuinn (which is an early version of Ãœberwagner AND Snafu). Shit sound, though.

                        Oberhausen is also a fabulous one, but that one's also incomplete, unfortunately.


                          Thank you, Be, a treasure chest if ever I saw one! Those were different times, and at the time I didn't always knew how to appreciate Geb's contributions aside from his drumming, but now in retrospect and listening to these recordings, in fact I kinda miss that ol' banjo, the glockenspiel as well, they had a nice versatile sound in 1998, as much as I love the present incarnation of the band, it makes one realise they were already that great 20 years ago! Thanx for making this accessible! :o

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