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    Punj Lizard

      I'm taking another leap back into the history of the band and would like recommendations on which live shows from the 1999-2002 period are the best. I am currently listening to 2001-10-19 Oslo, which is fantastic, but that's all I have from the period. Thank you in advance for your recomendations. :D


        Nottingham? :lol:


          I'd recommend something from the spring 2002 tour.

          My personal fave from that tour is Oslo 2002-04-26.

          To this date it might be the best MP gig I attended. I think it's because it has a great mixture of songs and concise jams (only 3 songs over 12 mins that night) while also having the best setlist ever I've ever come across (the Timothy's Monster gig in 2010 excluded)

          Also, if Trust Us is one of yr faves, this gig features blistering versions of 577, Mantrick Muffin Stomp & Psychonaut (they also play Coventry Boy, but that one's a bit meh)

          Great versions of My Best Friend + Hogwash as well, though these are not as extended as they

          would become on the autumn tour the same year.

          Gent from the same tour is soundboard if you wish for hi-quality sound.


          I'll recommend my favourite MP bootleg – the Rockefeller Gig in Oslo, October 19, 2001, feat. Jaga Jazzist. Incredible bootleg with great variety, great sound and great performance. Setlist-wise quite a lot of Phanerothyme, LTEC and Trust Us, paired with some classics and a remarkable Taifun as gig ender. All in all a very uplifting concert with only few of the darker songs. Incredible version of She Used To Be A Twin and a brilliant Jazz Jam. 23 Songs in total, 2h24min of bliss.

          Punj Lizard

            @pfnuesel – Thanks. I'll check it out.

            @otherdemon – Thanks. I'll look into that one.

            @karmadrome – Thanks. That's the one recording from that period that I already have. I was listening to it today – fantastic!!


              A surge of recordings on Dime lately, also from that era, but no Oslo 2002-04-26 I think. An upload would be highly appreciated, on your recommendation!

              Punj Lizard

                @jms – Yes, I saw that surge of recordings, which is one reason why I'm asking now. I will keep my eyes open for that Oslo show too.


                  @jms & Punj: The Oslo show is up on Motortrades, if you're on there…

                  On Dime I can see that Groningen and Amsterdam from the same tour are up.

                  Both of those are also worth checking out.


                    @otherdemon: Thanks. I have very much enjoyed the Amsterdam show actually. Wheels have, as we speak, been put in motion to join Motortrades…

                    Punj Lizard

                      @theotherdemon – Thanks. I'm grabbing Amsterdam and Groningen now. Will work on getting into Motortrades.

                      The Other Anders

                        1999-2002 must be the most well-documented period we have, audience recordings-wise. The band reached their all time high in popularity during this period, and they were very active, touring a lot.

                        I suggest you divide it into smaller, chronological portions for maximum listening pleasure.

                        1999 can be divided into before and after Baard Slagsvold joins.

                        Before Baard joins:

                        The trio pretty much continues the mood of the '98 tours. The core of the set is drawn from RW1, while darker songs not on RW1, like Evernine, Rad. Freq. 38.9 and Heartattack Mac, are exchanged for the new and up-tempo rock songs of Big Surprise, Heartbreaker, High Time, Star Star Star, and Glow. Step Inside from Demon Box gets a remarkable remake, and The Witch (The Rattles) is the new cover song of the spring tour. Towards the end of the summer tour we even get a tasting of Song for a Bro' and Tristano.

                        Recommended listening:

                        1999-04-14 Drammen. Has Heartbreaker, High Time, The Witch, Big Surprise, Step Inside, Glow.

                        1999-05-07 Eindhoven. Has a 45 min Un Chien, the longest documented to date.

                        1999-06-30 Ãœbach-Palenberg. Has Song for a Bro'-> Hogwash-> Tristano!

                        Additional listening:

                        1999-04-25 Braunschweig. Has far-out stand-alone Superstooge, Star Star Star.

                        1999-05-12 London. The best sounding audience recording from the tour. Safe setlist.

                        1999-07-03 Roskilde Festival. FM broadcast. 1 hour, rock power!

                        After Baard joins:

                        Back to quartet for the first time in four years, the band is heading in a new direction yet again, more pop and jazz and less droning. At least on record, and also live, at least to begin with. Their palette of styles of jamming is broadened with inspiration from early 70's American rock as well as jazz and even African-derived rhythms.

                        Baard is presented to the Norwegian audiences during five concerts in October (Oslo x2, Trondheim, Bergen x2). The revamped setlists are a ménage à trois of new songs (The Other Fool, Song for a Bro', In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Allman Brothers Band), Tristano), most of the RW1 songs (Un Chien, The Wheel, You Lied, Black to Comm, Vortex Surfer), and a handful of old classics not heard in a while (Plan #1, All is Loneliness, The Nerve Tattoo, Manmower).


                        1999-10-15 Oslo. Has Song for a Bro', The Other Fool, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, Un Chien.


                        1999-10-23 Bergen. Rough sound, but very high jam factor. Psychonaut incl. Jin Go La Ba is unique and worth the price of admission alone. It's also interesting to hear how quickly Baard settles in and puts his mark on the music.

                        Punj Lizard

                          @The Other Anders – Wow! Thank you so much. :D :D


                            Very nice write-up indeed, Anders!

                            I would like to add that 1999/10/23 is, to date, my #1 Motorpsycho show. Insane. The X factor was just through the roof. To be honest,l I've hardly ever listened to the recording, for fear of being disappointed. The friday show was great, so I went to the Saturday show fully satisfied and didn't really expect to be so thoroughly knocked out. But they just took it to the loftiest level they are capable of. Truly outstanding. I remember people talking to Pidah (sound guy) after the show, and he was literally in tears over how good it was.

                            And this is all coming from someone who eventually turned rather sour on the whole Baard Slagsvold period. I still maintain they hit their absolute peak during the 98 spring tour, but the best shows from this period were most excellent.

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