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      20.04.2012 – Desertfest @ Astra, Berlin, Germany

      The Death Defying Unicorn


      105 min

      Desertfest is a Stoner Rock Festival. It takes place for the first time. Motorpsycho are the headliners of the second festival day, show time 23:25. The band has played Astra before on 25.05.2010. This is a huge room (capacity 1.500) with a huge sound system so the band can be heard tonight blasting with a lot of power, which mainly has an effect on the bass. In trade for the extra-power-punch the sound is generally the not as detailed and good but still enjoyable. At first the hall is filled very well but during the "Unicorn" not so interested people leave and the crowd is not as dense towards the end of the concert. "TDDU" is a heavy affair tonight. A hard rocking version of "Through The Veils" already brings the house down early in the piece, "Into The Gyre" is pure sound overkill and the deep-doom depression version of "La Lethe" is another outstanding highlight tonight. "Starhammer" features a mindblowing jam that begins in a classic motorfloyd way before being accelerated into a hard rocking and tight piece with a very fast rhythmic structure that the band literally pounds out like a hammer without mercy to an insane climax!


        Probably the same type of Starhammer as they did in London. Huge and Epic!!


        just can assist ''mr. fillmore''. a heavy version of TDDU. the sound -like sometimes when they play in berlin- was not the best, but it was like a storm and make the walls come tumbling down. as one of them, who is a fascinated TDDU listener from day one, i enjoyed the concert very much. sadly they just played one encore, but the version of starhammer was extraordinary good. a remarkable night!


          That reminds me: This was Kenneth' birthday and upon Bent's request the crowd sang loudly "Happy birthday" before the encore.


              50 minutes of footage from the show. (all from TDDU)

              Maybe the uploader is not finished yet and there'll be more, i.e. the complete show?


                oh nice and in a good quality too.

                edit, lol, actually no good quality at all. i only heard some quiet snippet before…

                Phoots Flower


                  i think that yes. it was recorder by woman near me and i think she recorder all show

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