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    Punj Lizard



      First time seeing them having been a fan for over ten years. Travelled down from Scotland and it was worth every penny – Probably the most competent rock band I've ever seen! Basically all the best bits of 60s and 70s hard rock mashed together then jammed out to within an inch of its life! All gigs should be like that.


        It looked like Kristoffer had some problems with his speaker during the first 3-4 songs. But he managed it well. I really like this setup and the songs has got a new dimensions With Kristoffer on board. The songs has really grown from the konserthuset gig.

        Also looks like the band are really enjoying themself now. A totally different mood than they had in London last year.

        Punj Lizard

          @AtTheBorderGuy – Nicely put – I totally agree.

          @tkm – I'm glad you thought their mood was better this year. I just wish the rest of the UK could discover this band and realise how brilliant they are. I'm living proof that it's not too late to become a psychonaut. I really hope they come back again.

          The Other Anders

            …so back to the kind of setlist we saw in Hamburg/Papenburg… Glad that you guys got two hours and were blown away. Thanks for the reports and pictures!

            @Punj Lizard: Let's hope you get Un Chien in Köln!


            Great review and photos Punj Lizard, brings it all back to me.

            These guys sing everything in English, have been around forever and are so prolific and revered around Europe so not sure why they haven't taken off in UK. Incredible to be this up close and personal, was an amazing experience for me, just hope they keep coming back

            Krist Rampage

              Thanks for the reports guys! So good to hear you enjoyed the show!

              Punj Lizard

                Here's comments a couple of friends made:

                "I thought last night was so much better than the Garage [in London] gig last year. They seemed much more up for it, their energy was amazing. As a band for me they just make everyone else sound second rate. I'm still trying to take it all in really. I need a bit more time to put it all into perspective. I'm mostly delighted for them, they showed just how bloody brilliant they are and pleased also that we all had such a blast."

                "Amazing gig..start to finish. Must go down as one of my best ever." [This from a guy who sees about 100 bands per year!]

                Punj Lizard

                  @The Other Anders РKeeping the hope alive РEin Hund aus K̦ln. :)


                    I forgot to mention that there was someone with a videocamera in the front of the stage..



                    Completely forgot about that. Looked like quite an impressive set-up, so I was hoping it was an 'official' recording.



                    He asked me to budge up so as he could get his camera to the railing – he said he 'was making a dvd for the band'

                    Great King Rat
                      he said he 'was making a dvd for the band'

                      Well, that's exciting news! To me, at least. Did I miss sth?

                      Krist Rampage

                        A new dvd would be amazing!


                        A late comment to this thread.

                        The London show was absolutely excellent as others have said. Perfect amount of long jams which are right up my street

                        Crowd was a bit sparse, but i can't help but feel playing on a Monday night in the school holidays helped. I really don't understand the bands decision to only ever play one UK date and always in London, it's a long trek for most of us. They'd be so much more popular over here if they tried a bit harder to hit other cities, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow etc. IMHO at least

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                      …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994