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      Just to make it easier to give us some news ;-)

      *Update* Uh, just realized I was one night too early 8) Preparation for Zakk capture happening now.


        Yes, I hope for something special with Kristoffer and Ola Kvernberg joining.

        We'll see (hear) about the results later.

        R.U.Ready 2 Tape at Zakk?



        un chien

        dream home



        ship of fools




        Punj Lizard

          @ mikke – Thanks for the setlist. A seriously Tower-heavy set.

          Punj Lizard


            Courtesy of Per Arne Hamre (at Facebook – In the Motorpsycho Family group)


              Well…the setlist looks a bit "unimpressive" to me at a glance. But with Kristoffer

              and Ola joining in it surely was major fun.

              BTW – who's setlist pic is that? I only got a pic from Bent's.

              Punj Lizard

                @ spacebandit – I don't know. Will attempt to find out.

                the visitant

                  I love the Chien note.

                  'Right, so, impro –> Bent solo –> riff. Clear?'

                  'Check, see you on stage.'

                  And they're off…


                    @ the visitant: It sounds better om paper than it did on stage. For me the opening impro om Chien, and the impro part before lift-off on the same song, was the least impressive parts of yesterday's show.

                    @ Spacebandit: Yes, you're right. A slightly un-adventourous setlist, seeing that most songs were from The Tower. But those songs are good, and, as you point out, Kristoffer and Ola make for some good playmates. Kristoffer is also great fun to watch, of the four frontmen he was the one most likely to dance around, clearly excited by the soundscape he's part of. (Maybe the others don't have the legs to do it anymore.)

                    As usual, I've written a couple of paragraphs about yesterday's show on my blog (Norwegian only): http://kulturguffen.blogspot.com/2018/07/motorpsycho-moldejazz-2172018.html


                      Tusen takk @ kjesso. I've to improve my norwegian language.

                      Will have a listen to the show sooner (or later).

                      At least they saved a "WHEEL" for Burg Herzberg. Guess where the Spacey is then?

                      Oh well…seen that Drammen Show with Elephant9 announced. Brrrrrrrrrrrr…..

                      one way or another…if I have to crawl…swim (and not walking upstairs/downstairs

                      in half a meter of melting snow)…yes, this looks awesome.


                        Hm. I feel like all their shows lately have been very Tower-heavy. Where are the oldies but goodies?

                        the visitant

                          @kjesso: Thanks for the blog. Sounds like the new songs worked best. I would've liked to have heard that 'Pacific sonata' with the violin solo.

                          From the new batch of songs I would like to hear 'Stardust' and 'Maypole' appear more live. Maybe some songs from the California EP too ('…(I'm so sold)'). Apart from the 'Sonata' and 'Feel', the setlist seems very set on one mood. Not even an 'Intrepid explorer' to break things up.


                          This is was a great gig in many ways, nice weather and great mood in Molde.

                          A modern venue with good sound. Lots of young people in the crowd, all of them more than happy with the performance. Ola added violin at the correct spots as "flute solo" in Dream Home, in Sonata and Cuckoo (a great version imho), nice work! K Lo is a band by himself,

                          so playful and in needed contrast to the old guys :-)!

                          Gig lasted for 2 hours, with 45 min gone in intro+un chien, it was not time to go up and down: just full throttle tower songs, it worked out great!


                            takk, mikke. This is also what I thought about. They did the "secure" stuff from the

                            Tower album and one – first of all songs – psychonautic journey.

                            @ the visitant: The "California" EP were outtakes which they might use again. If it was for

                            things "breaking up" I'd go for "577".

                            Anyway some WHEEL->STARHAMSTER (or versus) would be supreme on "Holy Mountain".


                              My thoughts/notes from the gig:

                              Molde/Unchien a definite highlight, and set the mood for the rest of the show.

                              Tomas was fantastic, he had been in Molde since Tuesday, playing several gigs with other bands, probably being in a impro state of mind, he at least on Molde/UnChien was more far out than I've heard him with MP before.

                              Ola's contribution – It sounded like they had rehearsed a lot, he blended perfectly in, had no qualms taking his own ways, and added a cool sound to a massive soundscape. He is also to be considered a local boy from the town Molde (frenkallj). For those of you haven't, check out his latest album, Steamdome. Live, Bent steps in on some occasions on his shows.

                              Kristoffer is as said before, a band himself, and a musician I hope MP will use more in the future.

                              Venue curfew, set the 2 hour limit. Afterwords it almost felt like a normal 2:45 show, but only skipping the pop/calm songs, except of Feel.

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