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      And facete tumultum it was! This was like an MP marathon, was it 3 hours? Everything was there and lots of it; headbangers, singalongs (yes, Neverland, great fun with Reine going entertainer), some classics (577, Hogwash) and some fantastic spacy, ambient jamming. I'm sorry, I'm not able to reproduce the setlist in the right order, someone will, probably, I was intoxicated by sound (and sound alone, although the bro & me drank some bitter lemons, ha!). Strange thing: no Lux Ae, the other 2 were played though, I found the Crucible very endurable live, but with Pchychoczar the prolonged outro I don't like that much, the song is great, compact the way it is on the album, if you ask me this is a song-song as opposed to a jam-song. But that's nitpicking, the evening was epic (again) and the crowd went crazy, very supporting atmosphere and clapping and cheering going on forever. Finally in the 3rd encore Fools Gold, the prolonged chords struck at the end of the song seemed to make us feel we were indeed going into eternity here. Wow! There is only one rockband in the world. :STG:


        Great, intense show indeed! Somewhere halfway Hogwash they played a snippet of War Pigs (Sabbath) I believe


          Ship Of Fools


          The Other Fool

          In Every Dreamhome

          Stardust (acoustic)

          The Crucible

          Lacuna Sunrise




          Neverland (acoustic)

          the Tower (incl. Hell Part7)

          Fools Gold


            Thanks for that setlist, ffbernie. Was that you filming in the front?

            By the way, the namedropping game in The Other Fool continued: tonight we got to chill out with…….Supersister! ( Dutch group from the seventies)


              and Bent introduced himself as Johan Neeskens 😉


                Fantastic! Hope they keep mixing it up like that. How long were "Lacuna/Sunrise" and "Dreamhome"?


                  All electric songs were long and massiv. I got somewhat blurred in the sound sometimes.

                  Lacuna/Sunrise with Snah on a oneneckguitar, and a very spaced jam – it received a long applause.

                  A detail was that all songs during the set were sung by Bent. Many of the concerts I saw over the years allways contained many Snah songs.


                  Sjit, I was hoping for 577 and Hogwash in Groningen… now I'm a bit afraid we won't get them… ;)


                    No more Gullible's Travails for a while it seems… :( really hoping for it in Leuven…

                    and Bent introduced himself as Johan Neeskens 😉

                    Always thought he was Arie Haan!

                    Really good concert this one! The band was in a great mood with smiles all around. Especially from Bent when Reine threw in that War Pigs snippet during Hogwash. Don't think Reine stood out this much during other concerts I saw of him. Maybe because I could actually hear his parts this time ;)

                    Couldn't really get into Lacuna. Sounded pretty cool, but the jam seemed a bit aimlessly. Other jams were all spot-on tho with Dreamhome as the big highlight! Can't wait to hear a recording of that one.

                    And yes Bent mentioned that Neverland was their least liked song, guess they still check out the forum now and then =p Hoo hoo! 8)


                    And Bent sang really nice and audible this time. Overall the show was great. In my humble opinion the sound was great. Only the xylophone played by Tomas was lost in the noise. Thanks for the playlist.

                    Was it Supersister Bro? For a moment I thought I heard "Twisted Sister" ;-)) Have fun in Vera, Groningen


                      It was a beautiful sister! :lol:

                      Punj Lizard

                        @JERO – Any chance of meeting tomorrow evening? It would be good to say hi.


                          sure, Punj, just look for the whitebearded guy with glasses & red Indian Shiva shirt trying to fix his earplugs somewhere 3rd row in front of the stage! See you there!

                          Punj Lizard

                            @JERO – Sounds like I can't miss you! Jai Shiva!

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