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    The Crucible

    Song for a Bro

    The Tower



    A Nordsee Sonata


    No Evil


    –> You lied

    –> B2C

    Fool's Gold



      I was sick and couldn't go. How was it? Did someone record it?


        Had to pass beloved Schlachthof as well this time :-/ Setlist looks solid on paper but who knows how it was for real in Germany's finest concert venue?!

        Would love to see some of the new / revived "Light Fantastic" LP tracks on the upcoming setlists … three weeks left for rehearsals ;-)

        Kid A

          A gig fantastic. The band was in a light hearted mood, much laughing and smiling. More rock than the ones I attended in the last years. Tomas is more amazing with every passing year. The sound was mich better and clearer than the last time they played here on the Tower tour. No Evil was a nice surprise and fitted well with the night‘s „rock“ mood. And! The new shirts are very cool! Love the „Snah“ one


            Well, arrived home after a 150 min. drive home through constant piss rain (same as it was

            in 2017 and same length as the show was, btw) I feel a bit mixed emotions about the show.

            First: The band and especially Bent had serious sound/equipment problems which led to at

            least two mishaps during Ãœberpilgrim and You lied where they went completely out of sync

            and it took some time to find the groove again. Second: The sound during the first 3 songs

            was way too low (volume). Hmmm…unusual for Schlachthof. But that's complaining on highest

            level, as there were many good things to tell.

            Big thanks to the band for support/permission to tape. I love it when things work that way.

            Oh, and the music? Song for a Bro surprised me very much. Very Allman-Style, you guess.

            Tower with the free-jazzy jam put the real smile on my face (you know, I love weird

            norwegian jazz). But the real corker was probably the best NORDSEE SONATA I've heard so

            far.What a beautiful jam! No Evil was a nice surprise, Hog on the list (but not played)

            but I'm always sold with Fools gold. A perfect way to end a "Rumpeldipumpel" evening.

            Acoustic evidence for free as usual.


              @Kid A, what's the Snah shirt like?


              Fools Gold was really out of space…no big sound issues from where I was standing, No Evil and Manmower were my highlights, probably because I never saw them live until yesterday.

              Kid A

                @Blashyrk It’s a really cool Comic drawing of Snah, with grey beard and everything and a comic style logo above saying „SNAH – since 1989“.

                If you watch Westbeam‘s YouTube video from above about The Light Fantastic, you can see him at about minute 0:35, together with comic characters of Bent and Tomas.


                Yes, @Kid A, Hardrock woz a laifschteil last night!

                To be honest, I was happy that Crucible was not as loud as in Hamburg…my highlights: first Song for a bro for me, that also works without keys (Allman-style, true, @Spacebandit, and thanks for taping again, looking forward to it), also first Manmower for me (!), No Evil (@pitje 007: hatten wir schon 2017 in HH!) and especially Fools Gold, i was flooded with endorphins…

                All in all I think audience and band had a lot of fun inspite of a few minor technical problems. And yes @Tomcat, it's really such a beautiful venue!

                Kid A

                  One little anecdote from the gig: my Apple Watch gives me a warning, if my heart rate goes unusually high, although I’m obviously doing no physical exercise or am not moving. This can be an indication for some cardio problems. Well, guess what happened during the second part of Pacific Sonata… 8O


                  has this been recorded? can it be disclosed how to find it?


                    Recording was up on Dime a few hours after the gig.


                    Damn, I cannot access torrents as I only have a company computer which blocks that kind of services :-(

                    Anyone willing to share via alternative route?


                      I can't at the moment as I am on holiday.

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