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    The Crucible

    Up Downstairs


    California, I'm too old

    Mad Sun

    Whip that Ghost

    The Tower


    Bonny Lee

    The Jig

    The Wheel

    Fool's Gold



    Heavily, heavily spaced out concert. Psychedelic from the first tone to the last. It' s been the twentysomethingst Gig I' ve been to, and I' m quite close to saying it was the best one I have ever attended. Unbelievable…


    Happy to hear that, @TheVoid! For me this concert also belongs to the best ones :)


      A perfectly balanced setlist including some legendary oldies, Mountain, Mad Sun and The Wheel , what a night! The jamming was very spaced out and trance invoking. The Tower middle part became sort of an underwater music, reminded me of that beautiful Here Be Monsters thing, or an alternative soundtrack to 'Das Boot' ! The vocals were excellent tonight (what was I complaining about), overall sound was clear, no shredding tiredness for my ears tonight. Whip that ghost very jazzy. It was like a showcase of all MP stands for.

      I guess a lot of psychonauts are musicians, and so are my brother and me, and we always get lots of inspiration from attending a Motorpsycho concert. This time during the drive back home we came up with an idea to record a cover song: In the Cave of the Mountain King, as the bro called it…now where did that come from….(we always exclusively drink bitter lemon and smoke plain tobacco) :D


        Motorpsycho returns to the small Dutch town of Hengelo near the German border, where they have performed only once in 1993 (captured on a legendary soundboard tape which has been circulating among collectors since the 90s). A moderate crowd comprised of German and old school local fans attends this gig on a windy Friday night. We get a well balanced, comperatively compact show. Bent mentions having a cold. There are only two jams tonight that break radically new ground, most notably a 21 minute version of "Mountain" with a second jam that feels floydish first before they travel into Kraut Rock territory, aking to the synth pieces of Ash Ra Tempel. They would explore more of these krauty soundscapes in "The Tower", wich features a sublime improv that Jero aptly described as "underwater music", a vibrating mood piece of experimental music. Despite this being the penultime show of the tour the band is undaunted to introduce more material so we get the tour debut of "The Wheel" to the delight of the entire crowd, this being a song or at least a riff everyone seems to remember. This version focuses on the mighty build-up but has little else in terms of ornate embroidery. In addition to the jam highlights the show has a good setlist flow up until "The Tower", particularly following the laid back acoustic set with a jazzy "Song For A Bro" works very well, although, unfortunately, they don't take "Song For A Bro" for a long walk, this is fairly tame and contained version. Also, they play a beautiful and tender version of "Up Down", but a rather petty take on "Jig" the best of which being a direct segue into the opening notes of "The Wheel". The encore "Fool's Gold" finds the whole room listening respectfully, complete silence during the last moments of it before Bent, Snah, Tomas and Reine say good-bye sending us into the dark and deserted night of Hengelo.



          Just to pick out the three monsters of this show…

          Mountain – massive as usual but far out into GratefulDeadJamSpace… Woah!

          Tower – I'm usually bored about that song, but on this tour with the "new" kraut/freejazz

          jamming – I'm in again. Awesome!!!!!

          Wheel – Surrealistic pillow. Nothing (more) to say. My forehead into the dust(or mud).

          That was more at least me deserved to get. Pure joy.

          Funny note…as I've seen "only" Bremen, Frankfurt and Hengelo on that tour:

          Crucible opener and Fools Gold closer on all shows. And no Y0 for me. Grrrrrrrr……

          (But that is just complaining on highest level. Tusen takk @ MP and their crew. You know)


            @spacebandit Did you tape the show?


              That 21 minute Mountain in full, with very cool middle section – audio quality not the best, but not the worst:

              @fillmore – Mid to late 70s synth-laden Ashra is wonderful stuff (and then, when that guy plays his guitar over the top of it, oh wow!)

              From a different poster, Whip That Ghost:

              and Fools' Gold (sorry about the apostrophe):

              – audio handles the loudest, deepest rumbles pretty well.

              Much appreciation for these posters.

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