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    Punj Lizard

      Face melted. Breath taken. Ears rung. Still trying to digest it. I think this is correct:

      Year Zero



      The Promise

      The Cuckoo

      The Crucible


      A Pacific Sonata

      Uberwagner >>

      The Pilgrim

      The Other Fool >>

      Master Builder/Om Riff >>

      The Alchemyst

      Lux Æterna


      No support. No encore.

      Small venue, 160 capacity. It was about 3/4 full I guess.

      Hercules Wolftrap

          Glad that you really enjoyed the show (how couldn't you/we not enjoy a Motorpsycho gig?)!

          It is sad that the encore (The Tower) was not played. Did no one ask for an encore or was it a curfew problem?

          Have fun at Flashbox Records this evening!!

          It is sad that the encore (The Tower) was not played. Did no one ask for an encore or was it a curfew

          I think they just ran out of time – they went slightly over the curfew time (11:00pm).

          That was an EPIC show; tiny stage, very tight for the band. They had to enter / exit the stage from the front row! Great sound and the whole band were totally on it. I'll try and post some photos:




          Punj Lizard

            @Juergen – Exactly what coldnebraskablue said – they hit the curfew. But it was no loss really. The show was magnificent, and very intimate.


            Couple more shots:






            Punj Lizard

              Year Zero – Opening with this was genius. The venue was a small club, perhaps more suited to a jazz setting, so the slow move through the gears in Year Zero, which was played beautifully, brought the audience and band together. Exquisite – almost had me in tears.

              Triggerman – This was a barnstomer. Energetic, lively, bouncy, punchy. Smoothly executed and all full-on forward motion. Superb improv. I'm feeling like I'm hovvering sllightly off the ground by this point.

              Psychotzar – Massively awesome opening riff, but somehow I lost that high and came back down with a bit of a crash. I can't say this worked for me last night.

              A Promise – And then the pick-up. Normal service is being resumed and …

              The Cuckoo – … by the end of this we're off the ground again. The ending jam was sublime. This track just gets better and better for me each time I see them play it.

              The Crucible – By the end of this I felt like the band had been restrained for too long – as if being bound by the complex structure of this piece they were not able to loose the shackles and go mad. However, the first half of the piece really moved with pace and spit. The middle pounding, heavy, mental section was just that – mental, heavy, pounding. An awkward segue through the quiet bit and then the finale. It was in parts brilliant, in others just too involved. I'm looking forward to hearing it played live again though.

              August – I'm not much of a fan of this track, but the Fiske and Snah solos always make it a joy. Last night was no exception.

              A Pacific Sonata – Track of the night? Hard to put into words just how brilliant this track is live. Completely overwhelming. And time here for a shout out to Tomas. It was during Triggerman that I caught myself open-mouthed, gaping at Tomas's ability to add rocket fuel to the mix. With frills, fills, rolls and restraint he gives tracks like Triggerman, A Pacific Sonata and the opening sections of The Crucible the jazzy chops that make you feel like your legs just can't keep up with the pace you're running. Masterful.

              Uberpilgrim – And now the fun starts. Boogie, jig, pogo – whatever. Upbeat rhythmic playfulness carrying us through a shower of sparks.

              The Other Fool – The fun continues. Loved it!

              Master Builder/Om Riff – Thinking of my friends over at the Gong show ( ;) ) – which by all accoounts was brilliant, and did indeed feature the same track – I wondered what they would would have made of this brilliant excursion into Gong territory. But I soon forgot about them and just let myself get immersed in this riff that's been drawing me in over and over for decades now. What a trip!

              The Alchemyst – Hello wall of sound my old friend, its good to hear you once again. Loud. Insistent. Face-melting.

              Lux Aeterna – A fitting ending to a wonderful show. I have to say the new tracks were not my favourites of the night, though each had their moments. It'll be good to hear them again. I'm curious to hear how they sound further down the line as the band continue to grow into them on stage.

              All in all a brilliant evening. I had a position about three rows from the front, just left of centre, with a great view (I'm tall – so that helps), though for much of the gig the view was of the back of my eyelids :D Year Zero, Triggerman, The Cuckoo and A Pacific Sonata were my high highlights. Now I'm looking forward to this evening's shenanigans.

              Punj Lizard

                @coldnebraskablue – Great shots – thanks for sharing them.

                @coldnebraskablue – Great shots – thanks fo sharing them.

                You're welcome :cheers: – agree that "Pacific Sonata" was track of the night, spellbinding


                  Many thanks for the review, Punj Lizard, much appreciated!

                  Punj Lizard

                    I've been informed by a couple of people that it was nearer 2h30m so I've updated the opening post.

                    Punj Lizard

                      @fillmore – You're welcome. :D


                      AMAZING show last night. Unlike Punj Lizard above i thought Psychotzar was probably my main highlight. It was absolutely smoking to my ears. Really fat and filthy sounding.

                      The whole gig was superb mind. I even grabbed a setlist


                      Punj Lizard

                        @sleepynaut – Glad you enjoyed the show too. And that you got off on Psychonaut. I loved the beginning. Hopefully it'll work for me at the next gig ;)

                        Great King Rat

                          Wow, 8 different songs compared to Hamburg! Although we're used to changing setlists, this is quite remarkable. More than half of the setlist replaced, you don't get that very often, not even with MP. Plus the ones played in the record store the day after, that makes quite a range of songs in three shows. Is anyone gonna update the songs played-list?

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