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      The Waning



      The Crucible

      At Empire‘s End

      Eagles Son

      The Other Fool


      Like Chrome


      Whole Lotta Diana






        Solid gig, but Schlachthof magic (I think it was my 11th gig there) was – for me – only achieved in the encores (and maybe Mountain).

        (Why 90% of the audience don't wear masks is beyond me. I still don't feel comfortable in these crowds and that makes it hard to really get into it.)


        "(Why 90% of the audience don't wear masks is beyond me. I still don't feel comfortable in these crowds and that makes it hard to really get into it.)"

        Then stay home.


          Yeah, or people could care about themselves and others and enjoy MP while keeping the risks for everybody as low as possible.


            LOL…For me as a TAPER…stay away from me. And don't talk at concerts! Never!

            Anyway, as written before, a solid show, great audience (as before in HH and H just 50% as last tour),

            good vibes, show started very spacy, but somehow I felt bored. Another LLM, another Crucible, Empire's End was great, but didn't carry me off too much. Ups and downs through the next songs until…finally

            the lysergic moment kicked in…Supistooge…Diana…Mt…STG…Vortex.

            Let alone these final five songs is much better than any other band can play in 100 shows.

            So, as they played a PRETTY THINGS song, "…keep your mouth shut!"

            Three shows in four days, missed Berlin, but…Hamburg was totally spaced out, Hannover was more "rocking", and Bremen was in between.

            And now I like to sleep or better listen to "Sleep"?

            Punj Lizard

              I had a great show last night in Bremen. I definitely felt a momentum building in the third act, so to speak. Superstooge was the launch and stage by stage the stratosphere came into sight and then I was travelling in space. STG was *the* highlight for me, with my first live experience of VS a cherry on top.

              Earlier on I found The Waning was a great start, LLM an excellent continuation (although part of it seemed to fall flat). At Empire’s End provided me with great moments above the clouds.

              My first Bremen Schlachtof experience, the sound was excellent for me. And it was great to meet up with some psychonauts again and some for the first time. You have quite a family! Onwards to Cologne!

              Kid A

                The sound was excellent. And I noticed that both Bent and Snah improved a lot on their singing, especially the high notes. All in all less psychedelic, more groovy.

                Highlights: The Other Fool, Empire and Superstooge

                I didn’t need another round of Crucible. Cosmoctopus instead would have been nice.

                But the most important thing was to see the boys back on stage after 2,5 years.


                  Bremen was so much about "homecoming" and meeting all those psychonauts again after quite some time, summerish weather giving the right frame to walk, sit and travel.

                  Even more important though is indeed the great sound and view at Schlachthof. What a wonderful place to enjoy a concert! What a luxury to decide spontanously whom to watch playing/soloing and being able to see and hear the whole thing full frame.

                  I enjoyed both Reine and Tomas very much last night from my spot on the lower stairs. Drumming and interplay on "Whole Lotta Diana" f.e. was INSANE.

                  And what to say about those encores … holy!

                  Very happy about the guitar-heaven in Hannover and lots of HBM + "Lady May"; glad to have witnessed "Empires End" last night plus a heartwrenching encore – looking forward to more new tracks in Cologne tonight. Two "lovetowns" after another :STG:

                  *Update* One complaint: it was really unpleasant to be thrown out more or less directly after the concert, not being able to have one last drink (also non-alcoholic) and the bar upstairs being under-staffed. And some member of the crew is not taper friendly :-/ But what problems are these to have!


                    I second that emotion of Tomcat about Schlachthof. It's just the best indoor venue I know.

                    For me fortunately it was more than a solid gig. I told my psychonaut friend before that I was hoping for LLM or STG…(my first STG in my 12th gig) All in all a very songy show, not a space out. But the guys were playing very tight (Diana, wow!) and I definitely had some big lucid moments. Bent's goodbye words: "Wir sehen uns." Bis September, ich freu mich drauf!

                    Great King Rat

                      It was more than a solid gig for me, too, although I've had my share of Schlachthof shows. Explicitly compared to Hannover the sound was so much better, crystal clear up in the back where I was standing. The choice of songs and the atmosphere were quite different, too. And they were in a great mood, especially Bent who was being very silly at times. At one of the last choruses of STG he and Snah pointed the guitar necks down instead of up and Reine was confused for a sec. Then Bent turned to him grinning and taking the piss.

                      I was most impressed with an imo outstanding LLM and a fast Superstooge including a lot of really heavy jamming in the end. And the massive STG was a worthy first encore. They were at 2:25 h playing time then and they concluded with a convincing VS. For me, that finish would be the only thing that didn't entirely match up to the overwhelming shows I've seen there. A bit too obvious and not quite extraordinary enough, so to speak.

                      But that truly is only a minor critical aspect. It was a really great show with a good setlist and the band and the audience in a great mood, all coming together in that beautiful small amphitheatre Schlachthof.

                      @ Punj: I envy you for that experience a little bit. But glad you liked it!

                      @ KidA: Yes, the singing was a completely different league compared to Hannover.


                        Funny hoe experiences differ. For me LLM lacked energy and I have seen better versions. Also Snahs' singing on that song felt raspy and barely audible to me. It got better during the gig.

                        The waning and Eagle's Son did nothing for me. I just don't like these songs. On the other hand Mountain, a song which is usually not one of my favorites, was very good!

                        Whole Lotta Diana was another highlight.

                        Vortex Surfer = pure joy!

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