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    Great King Rat

      Just back from Hanover. Very intense, rocky show. Setlist offered no surprises as far as I remember but great to hear Junior and Feedtime! The latter was the first time for me – in over 30 concerts! 8O

      STG was the second song, and I haven't heard it like this before. Practically no build-up, just climax! Very straight forward.

      HBM songs work just fine live. Big Black Dog is a monster! Spin spin spin sounded much different than on the album. Has it been like that before on this tour?

      All in all, great, hard-rocking show! Looking forward to Oldenburg!

      Great King Rat

        On the downside, however, were some chatty groups of people in the audience that were quite annoying. There were also quite a few "Yihaaaa"s and other funny cheers, most of them completely misplaced.

        Before the encore, Bent said, "If you want rocknroll, go to the bar, this one is different". Don't know if that was a reaction to those annoyances.


        @Great King Rat:

        In Trondheim, they played Spin … in the same style. I love it :-)

        And same for me: The "cheering dancing crew" was a bit difficult to handle: On the second part of the show, i was a bit distracted…. I will never understand those guys. They should better stay in pub.

        Nevertheless, it was a great evening. The Encore "HBM2", they dedicate to Prince. Sadly, that was the biggest bad news of the day.






        Sail On (not shure, if played before or after HBM I) :?

        HBM I

        Upstairs / Downstairs



        Big Black Dog







        Sail On is most likely played after Serpentine, as both songs have the same guitar tuning (and S.T.G. as well, what a coincidence!)


          Spin Spin Spin isn't on the list (maybe meant to be included in HBM 1?). That harder, louder, faster version was great. With the intro I was convinced it's Hogwash. But it wasn't. Nice surprise to me. Then I thought, OK it would be perfect if they'll go over directly to Hogwash. But they didn't. Doesn't matter.

          Other highlights for me were Superstooge, Big Black Dog (what a soothing killer live) directly followed by Watersound (I nearly had to cry). Then Junior and Feedtime – both Killers but a bit inappropiate after the BBD-WS flight imo. And finally the "If you want Rock'n'Roll go to the bar. This one's different"(BS) HBM title track dedicated to Prince. Obviously many of the audience hadn't heard the sad news until Bents annoncement "Today a great hero of ours died: Prince!" Many checked their smartphones for info. Many stunned faces for a while. And then an overwhelming Here Be Monsters.

          The last emotinal peak of the night was the end of the show when the boys already left the stage and a loud Purple Rain filled the hall while the synthie sounds of the long HBM outro still lasted.


            Well, at least there's something up on DIME…complete with the annoying drunken asshole.

            Sorry…tried my best, but sometimes even the best fail. Feel free to share on motortrades…see you in Oldenburg, if I still dare to be there…

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          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994