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      Info from STUK-website:

      20:30 doors

      21:00 Motorpsycho & Ståle Storløkken

      …and btw. no support (as written on the tickets)…



      all is loneliness

      cornucopia (or how do you spell it)

      Go to california



      super sound, the band was really into it as well.



      I am completely flashed! This gig was amazing, far better than cologne last week. From Into The Mystic to Taifun I was simply blown away. Perfect sound from the beginning. puhhhh!


      2 h 15 min


      Taifun… missed that song… should be another great one. This tour is really really good, even only four shows to me this time but I was really happy to join this tour.


        My third ( and last :( ) show on this tour and definitely the best! Very good sound, better than Eindhoven and Cologne. And a different, powerfull version of TDDU again…

        @Thomas: Nice to meet you again! Let's keep in contact…


          I agree, great show, very good sound (way better than in Kortrijk as well)

          The place felt like a sauna, though.

          Quite an international crowd last night. I was surrounded by Italian and German psychonauts. Big up to the guy with te inflatable unicorn, by the way :-)

          Oh, and Taifun as an extra encore (they clearly hadn't planned that one) on my birthday: best gift ever!


          Missed Leuven yesterday, now it more hurts becuz they played taifun as encore.

          Glad you guys/girls enjoyed it.


          Why do you say they didn't plan it? Bent had his Fender guitar amp there from the beginning, and that was the only song they played with two guitars, so actually I was expecting it from the very beginning… and I'm so glad they played it, majestic!

          This was my only Unicorn-show, so I can't really compare (haven't listened to any of the recordings), but the live Unicorn is definitely a groovy, headbanging, psychedelic, loud stoner mammoth. I actually enojoyed the "new", downtuned version of Mutiny!. Did anyone else notice the slight change of rhythm during the final part of Sharks? Kinda threw me off-balance, but nothing major. Personal highlights were the Hollow Lands and Into The Mystic. Taifun, of course. And the very ambient-driven version of All Is Loneliness, maybe my favourite of those I've witnessed.


            WOW What's that with Motorpsycho and Leuven? Last time I saw them in het Depot (2008) it was also one of my best shows!! Last night was awesome! Sound was great and the band was steaming!! ANOTHER GREAT EXPERIENCE! Thanks!


            No tapers that evening?


            Don't know but i saw some people filming

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          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994