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      So… How would you do your one.. ?

      Everyone discovered the guys differently.. mmmhhh…???

      A lot might miss some older stuff especially in the beginning but this is my picture of MP



      Hah, someone's a big LTEC-fan? Pretty cool list, and yes there's missing a lot of old stuff imo =p

      Since I've discovered this band just a few years ago (with the release of HMF) and I'm a young person myself, I'll sure give this a go sometime.


        Me and a friend made a 4CD Young Persons Guide to Motorpsycho three years ago.

        After three years I think that I only would replace only a couple of songs to make it a better compilation but overall I'm still very pleased with the result!

        I made a few playlists on Grooveshark (some of the songs have disappeared in the mean time)


        A Young Persons Guide to Motorpsycho 4 CD covers

        Front: Verzamelcdhoesvoorkant.jpg

        Back: verzamelcdhoesachterkant2.jpg


        My double-CD compilation. Yes, most recent stuff is from Trust Us, with good reasons.

        CD1. MOTOR

        1. Sonic Teenage Guinevere

        2. President Block

        3. Mad Sun

        4. Wishing Well

        5. Flick of the wrist

        6. Junior

        7. Plan # 1

        8. Drug Thing

        9. Kill Some Day

        10. Vortex Surfer

        11. 577

        12. Back to Source

        CD2. PSYCHO

        1. The Wheel

        2. Radiance Freq.

        3. The Skies are Full of… Wine?

        4. Psychonaut

        5. Un Chien d'Espace

        6. Manmower

        7. Celestine

        8. Watersound

        9. The Golden Core

        Lately, a friend requested a Kenneth-era CD. This is what I came with, but I needed to do a lot of cuts/edits/mixes to make it all fit in a CD, so it can be a little confusing…

        1. Hell pts 1 & 2! —->

        2. August

        3. Barleycorn

        4. Starhammer (without the Intothegyrish intro)


        5. Whole Lotta Diana

        6. Into the Gyre —->

        7. Oh, Proteus – A Prayer


        8. La Lethe

        9. Oh, Proteus – A Lament

        10. The Alchemyst

        For the Baard-era, I think a 7" with Painting the Night Unreal / Whip that Ghost would be enough :twisted:


          Now that Motorpsycho´s own version of the album is actually being released it will be interesting to see which songs are included.


            The two bonus track on the cd is now named: Toys and Psychonaut. Also available as a 7" at the Rockheim exhibition


              @kjellepelle: do you know how many they will print of this 7" ?


              Need that 7'' as well


                @mefisto: No haven't heard any numbers, also amazed that the news was released so quickly.


                  It's a bummer that this is only available at the Rockheim exhibition :-(


                    Well if there is surplus records after the exhibition I recon it will end up in the mp shop but I haven't heard anything about it. Shouldn't be surprised if some copies ends up on discogs/ ebay knowing the collector scums


                    Nice to see that MP used the term "A Young Persons Guide" for the Supersonic Scientist compilation as well! Coincidence? [:wink:]

                    (late reaction due to the fact that my focus on anything Motorpsycho related subsided for quite some time, until Here Be Monsters)


                    Here's my take on the theme:


                    MOTORMORPHOSIS – A guide to Motorpsycho 1993-2016

                    4CDS: Mellowpsycho / Motorpop / Indiepsycho / Motorpsychedelic

                    CD 1: MELLOWPSYCHO

                    Bedroom Eyes

                    Waiting for the One


                    One Way or Another

                    Now it‘s Time to Skate

                    Stained Glass

                    Painting the Night Unreal

                    Little Ricky Massenburg (live)


                    This Otherness

                    Running with Scissors

                    Spin, Spin, Spin

                    Mad Sun (Acoustic)

                    Stay Young (live)

                    Close Your Eyes

                    CD 2: MOTORPOP

                    The Nerve Tattoo




                    The Slow Phaseout



                    Go to California

                    The Other Fool

                    Hey, Jane

                    Sunchild (Tussler)


                    Forget it

                    The Skies are Full of Wine

                    Cassie (Call on Me)

                    CD 3: INDIEPSYCHO

                    Hell Part 1-3

                    Sinful, Wind-borne

                    The Magic & The Wonder

                    The 29th Bulletin

                    Year Zero (A Damage Report)

                    Custer‘s Last Stand




                    Vortex Surfer

                    CD 4: MOTORPSYCHEDELIC

                    Little Lucid Moments

                    The Hollow Lands

                    Through the Veil

                    Barleycorn (Let it Come, Let it Be)


                    The Alchemyst

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