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      Ken’s setlist: (I added the ->’s)


      -> TIMOTHY’S M.


      -> ARNE H.



      -> GIFTLAND

      -> STARHAMAR

      PLAN #1


      VISITANT (not played)

      X-3 (not played)

      BOINGANOID (not played)


      About two hours and twenty minutes.

      The AB audience get’s a star for being dead quiet and awesome!

      Fantastic opening, stunning Un Chien!

      Then some technical issues and we lost most of Snah’s guitar on Sunship and Arne H. They got it sorted and then absolutely fantastic till the end. Really.

      Killer Mountain!

      Something happened at the very beginning of Plan #1 which pissed Bent off a lot. He was showing two middle fingers to someone off stage and seemed out of it during the first few minutes of the song. Very heavy bass sound from there on until then end of the gig.

      And they cut three encores. Curfew? Anger?

      Vortex was what Vortex is – one of the best live songs on the planet. What a sound!

      Great concert, but a little on the hmm…what’s going on here? side of things at times. Again, star audience!!

      Get this: They whisper to each other when it’s quiet.


        Brussels lives up to its reputation! Too bad though something strange happened…!? And again they break out new selections…wow!


          Quite the epic setlist! Which demands a quiet audience. Nice.


            The same guy who filmed in Leuven a couple years ago filmed yesterday as well.

            He will share if it’s of reasonable quality, he said.

            (sorry, buddy, your name got lost somewhere on the way home to Haarlem…)


              In my opinion last night’s show was way better than the one I saw in Eindhoven last week. The opening combo Un Chien d’Espace (28 minutes, according to the clock on my cellphone)/ Timothy’s Monster (I don’t think I had heard this one live before) was simply mindblowing. Yesterday’s K9 suite was totally different compared to the one we got in Eindhoven. Mountain and Giftland formed an awesome pair as well.

              Too bad we only got one encore. The crowd sure was in for more and the band still had about half an hour before curfew, so we could have got a few more songs. I had a short chat with MP’s Dutch roadie afterwards (forgot his name). He told me Bent was upset about sound problems on stage, so I guess that’s why they skipped three songs. I was slightly shocked when I saw Bent put up his middle fingers after Starhammer. I ‘ve seen the guys play in much worse conditions, without ever losing their cool. In any case: there was a question mark on the set list next to the first round of encores, so they hadn’t made up their minds about it yet before they went on stage.

              PS spelling edit.


              not much more to add… chien was simply mindblowing, the jam in sunship had one absolutely perfect moment, ppp was just sweet, giftland started out a bit boring, but later became HUGE. i was confused when they ended their first set with gullible’s, wondering what song could come in an encore after that… well, i guess it was the only possible choice :) had goosebumps all along. i’m so looking forward for recordings… any pictures? barbara?


              Allways a crowd pleaser, to open with 30 minutes of beautifull madness.

              I think Bent were pissed off because the samples of the poetry didn’t start on cue… But I’m not sure.

              I lost track of time and space and just let the moog bass blow me away. I was sure I heard The Wheel, but it’s not on the list so I guess I was lost and dreaming…

              Great gig, great venue, great crowd.


              Also attended both Effenaar and AB , the first gig was a bit ruined by people getting drinks and always moving ’round, AB gig was more of the quiet sort and sorted better with the living room stage. My friends weren’t happy with the playlist, but I liked it. It was different from other concerts. And hearing Vortex live is always kickin.

              When the guys kicked off with Un Chien, I thought by myself, yes this gig is gonna kick-ass, but after a while the speed dropped with PPP and PlaN#1 to again hit warp speed with Mountain and Starhammer and then suddenly before we knew it Vortexsurfer was the last song and lights went on. In the end I still was glad I’d seen the Effenaar concert after all. Kenneth Kapstad wore his unknown drummer T-shirt again yesterday evening, but he isn’t so unknown anymore this days.

              Wasn’t unaware ’bouth the issues Bent had with the sound. Seemed nothing was wrong from were I was standing in the middle in front of the stage.

              Recorded this gig, but not content with the recording really. Recorded on rec level 65 and medium gain with ZoomH2, the singing parts are more quiet then the instrumental parts, recording was in 44,1Kb-16bits-wav.

              The first recording I once did was that Botanique Gig last year, but there were some issues with that one for those who remember the fuzz.

              Hope Rune’z recording gonna do the trick, if he did so?

              I’m still banned at dime and my 30day trail for the hash compiler is long gone, and PB isn’t a good idea for sharing recordings like this imo, so @ this moment I aint’ got any clue how to share the files it with the pyschonauts here.

              I went to look a couple of times @ the video recording cockpit to search for ffbernie but he wasn’t there


              it would be magical if you’d be able to provide the botanique recording somehow, the show was just awesome… i was there, standing right in front of snah :D with the gig yesterday probably the best motorpsycho gig i’ve been to… but unfortunately i have no idea how to share it :(


                Hi Vortex 155! Please consider joining MOTORTRADES, the MP trading group. We also host our own private tracker dedicated solely on MP recordings!


                Would be great to circulate your recording, Rune’s didn’t turn out (card error).


                Sad to hear Rune’s got a card error, his Leuven08 recording rocked.

                I once entered motortrades but I didn’t find my way around, let stand how to share :?

                Have already encoded the recordings to MP3, so the size can’t be much issue, from 1.3 gig into 180meg.

                If anyone can provide a decent hash compiler (or a tip where to get and which one ) I can always try to give it another go unto dime.


                  The Motortrades tracker pretty much works like any other tracker — even without share ratio! :-)


                    Hey Vortex, cool that you recorded!

                    Please upload it somewhere!

                    A few comments:

                    The Zoom H2 has not got a very good recording level; there is no audible advantage of ever going below recording level 100 on that one (according to the experts). The recommendation for loud amplified music (live rock gigs) are:

                    – Low, rec level 100, rear stereo mics.

                    Raising the recording level in the H2 above 100 risks digital overloads unnecessarily. Lowering the level in the H2 below 100 will not prevent analog overloads – all you will do will be to reduce the level of the already-distorted audio.

                    From here: http://www.2090.org/zoom/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=9745

                    Dime will never accept your mp3 version of the gig. You have it lossless on your zoom right now, which they will accept. It’s their rules. You don’t have to like it, just obey. :-) Otherwise they will kick you out again.


                    Yes I noticed this week, I attended Wolves In The Throne Room Concert and thought my rec level was set @ 80 but it was 110, fully distored recording. Listening again to that Bota concert from nov09, this was recorded on low gain and 100 MP3 256kbs, and its much better then the one yesterday that was recorded in wav on medium gain, to bad.

                    Rear mics are always used.

                    It works great on the iPod though listening now when typing this.

                    Should have read the manual before attending.

                    Have just logged in at motortrades, gonna check some things out this evening,but didn’t had much sleep today, got to get out this mornin @ 5 o’clock and I only hit my bed round 2, dunno I can work it out today?

                    Gonna try with a with the botta concert that still some people wanna hear, small mp3 files.

                    Thx for the zoom recording link gonna check this out also.

                    If I load the AB gig, I’ll load the full wav filez 1.3Gig, so no issues to be expected with dime.

                    Only problem with dime is that Hash compiler, the one I used in 2009 is long way beyond his 30day trail.


                      You might wanto to encode the WAV to FLAC (=lossless audio encoding).

                      Looking forward to your recording! K9-openers are always thrilling! Thanks!

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