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    hello everyone, this is my first post here, i’m a long time fan of the band, first show rimini 1994 another ugly tour, then tons of others, maiden voyage-3 songs for ruth-timmy 3 vi

    nyls owner….blablabla

    all the things psychonauts sould carry in their everyday schoolbag i suppose.. :-)

    i do usually read the forum but never too much time to write down something, but right now some friends of mine with relative bands (we’are all musicians here…) are setting up a tribute evening called “ANGELS AND DEAMONS AT PLAY: MOTORPSYCHO TRIBUTE” for MP sweet 20years in this venue “Scalo San Donato” in Bologna, Italy… so here i am.

    this event we’ll be sunday 8th of November, (MP plays here in Bologna

    the 11th.) with an acoustic small stage for solo-duo performances and en electric stage (with “1 backline fits all”) where some mostly local band and some others are gonna play MP covers…

    yes…. MP covers….

    it’s a friendly events, with free admission, some of the bands/musicians are little known some others are not but all of us are SUPERFANS so what started with “ok let’s do something for fun” became some bigger and someone decided to set up all this.

    we will have a DJ set too with MP songs and all the relatives influences from folky to prog to indie to metal…so you know what i mean…

    as soon i’ll have the poster for the tribute night i’ll post it here with a list of the bands and/or songs that will be played there… stay tuned if you’re interested in.

    i imagined that it would be nice to let everybody of you know about this events, it’s a tribute thing, leap of faith, love cult…

    (this is the facebook link for the venue:

    stay well psychonauts!


      hi there.

      sounds great. i’d go if i lived there.

      btw… tribute… that rings something….


        What a wonderfull idea! Will it be taped on video? :cheers:


          Just stayed in the beautiful city of Bologna two weeks ago to learn Italian. Would love to be there. (I saw Built to Spill last year at the Locomotive – that was great!)


            Sounds like a smashing idea! Too bad i can’t be there

            Ey Supernaut: Something went off way in the back of my head too…..Like i was suppose to do something….. :roll:




            so my friend Lele79 was faster than me this time!

            here’s the poster.

            damn, it’s so close! we need to rehearse more :-)


              @GBD, yeah something buzzes somewhere. All passed and gone due to too much respect or something… Look at those daring italians! 8O


                Very nice idea guys! 8th november …my birthday! I’d love to be there, but ‘unfortunately’ thursday I’ll fly to Deutschland to see the band play in Koeln + Brussels, and sunday I’ll be maybe sleeping on a bench somewhere in Belgium :smoke:

                So see you all in Bologna next tuesday, even if Estragon is not the best place …it really does’t matter this time! :cheers:



                Hej v1! Where are you flying from??? I`m from Sweden and will also fly to Cologne and Brussels! We might still have space in the car for you to get a lift back to Aachen, which is much closer to Cologne since the train connection from Brussels is quite awfull. Well, just give me a short message about it. Otherwise, enjoy the shows. Greetings Kumar


                Yes can only agree that the trains @ Brussels station are shutting down ’round midnight. To start riding again somewhere in the morning.

                you can check under this link for which train to catch



                  Hi Kumar!

                  I will fly with a friend of mine from Italy to Dusseldorf and we’ll be there thursday afternoon… I don’t think you have two more free seats in the car! But thanks a lot, just tell me where are you gonna have :cheers: before the concert! Are you flying to Italy next week? :wink:



                  Hi Andrea

                  Yes, even two seats are possible so lets just meet before the gig in Cologne or Brussels. Just send me your mobile phone number or send it to me via No, I am not planing to go to Italy.

                  Ciao Kumar


                    so how was it?

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                  …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994