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      Yes guys, any report? Who’s coming to Bologna tonight?


        hi there

        i’m pierlu from kill some day

        we played at the motorpsycho tribute night and you can find the full concert on our freshly created myspace page here

        Our set-list was:

        big surprise

        pills powders and passion plays

        the slow phaseout

        now it’s time to skate

        the one who went away

        we did not manage to shoot a video or to record other bands, but everyone was awesome in playing their versions of Motorpsycho songs and we all had a great night (apart from me who had a cold… you can hear it on the slow phaseout :) )

        Have a listen to our set and tell us what you think about it… we’d love to hear your impressions!!

        cheers, p.


          I think you did a hell of a job! Sounds very good. Would have loved to be there. Maybe I’ll return to Bologna next year, then I hope for another event like this! :lol:


            thanks Be! We had fun playing the songs and arranging them: it’s challenging to try and play some mp songs without drums! but i guess outr love for the songs shows thru, and moreover the songs are so good that they shine on their own despite the way you play them. thansk for listening. i hope someday we’ll meet at some tribute concert! Best wishes


            ok it was fantastik night.

            circa 100 people in, more or less, the evening started with the acosutic stage and the opener was Come On In played by mr.francesco begnoni (me) followed by Mad Sun acoustic duo version with mr.Lele Montanarella (lele79 here).

            here’s the link for come on in


            (you can see MP videos running on the back)

            then 33ore played PPAP and an amazing style version of Walking on the Water, followed by the band of brothers Kill Some Day that kicked our ass with their five songs.

            these the bands that hit the electric stage

            Oracle: Stalemate (long version with massive wall of sound)

            Gli Anni Luce: Vortex Surfer (kind close to the original one,with 2 guitars and no bass)

            Cardiac Montone: Un Chien d’Espace (16 min.)

            beautiful night, with lotta fun.



              So nice! Forza Italia! :cheers:

            Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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