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    Hi everybody, does anybody know if Motorpsycho will play in Prague or somewhere else here in Czech Republic?

    Thanks a lot!


      Very small chances, I think. They have never played anywhere in the Czech Republic before :(


        Are the records available in Prague and the Czech Republic? Probably not. That means that they are too small to play a concert in Prague. A concert in Prague would probably only attract 50 people (incl. some die-hards from other countries) and that is not enough.


          This might change, of course, if there was actual demand in record shops in Prague. Just sayin’.


          Hi, only once i saw Motorpsycho and Jaga Jazzists horns In the Fishtank in some nonmainstream shop, but i don’t go to shops usually. I know them thanks to this album and I guess here in Czech Republic are more Motorpsycho fans thanks to Jaga Jazzist, who played twice in Prague. But here is possible to buy many CDs and vinyls in czech internet shops. And here is quite normal to download music from internet becouse for many young people and students especially it is to expensive buy many albums. No one buy, no one sell, but it doesn’t mean, that they are unknown here and that no one wouldn’t visit concert.

          50 people is nonsense, only myself, I know around 10 people who would surely come.

          And it would be quite easy to manage concert in Prague (Archa Theatre) or in Brno (club Fleda would be ideal), cause it is near the usual tour course. Of course it isn’t long way to Berlin from Prague or to Wien from Brno, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be wash-out to play in Czech Republic. What do you think? Any other fans from Czech Republic or someone who would come here to hear them?

          So dont be afraid and come one in ;-)


            I would be thrilled to see them in the Czech Republic and I sure would travel there. But keep in mind that they also play to ca. 50-100 in other countries (Denmark, Sweden, Spain, France) where they have even played before. Since they have never been to CZ I am sure we would be looking at very small crowds! It would be really cool though if they tried to break new grounds and tried to build up new fan bases in other places than GER, IT, BE, DK, CH and NL but maybe that time is ultimately over…

          Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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