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    Hercules Wolftrap

      Has anyone made any Motorpsycho related art?


      Some of my animation artwork has been used during the 2018 (?) tour, when the band asked to send visuals for their shows. It's not related to Motorpsycho but their music is and was a constant inspiration while making artsy stuff. Bent is actually following closely my art account on Instagram, which is very cool of him.

      Hercules Wolftrap

        Oh very cool, do you have any of it on instagram? Id love to see.

        I have made some street art in honor of snah

        Snah is God

        Im debating about printing a handful of copies on nice paper, if anyone has interest in it.


        Nice! I can't imagine how excited I'd be by seeing accidentally some motorpsycho related street art. I should think about doing something to honor the band.

        My artsy stuff is over here and , but animations used by the band were posted on my other account (no dot)

        Hercules Wolftrap

          Your work is mind blowing & inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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