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      In an interview in the latest issue of Prog Magazine (#96 March 2019 – one page plus picture) Bent says that he just discovered The Wedding by Igor Stravinsky and names it as "a total mindfuck and the grandest musical discovery of the latest decade of his life".

      Let discussion commence while I try to find this piece on the net somewhere.

      Punj Lizard

        Other rock musicians that I know loved and were influenced by Stravinsky include Frank Zappa and Jon Anderson (Yes). (No doubt there are others.) Does the future hold a Stravinsky-influenced MP album?

        Phoots Flower

          The Firebird is great


            Going to see "The rite of spring" in May, Amsterdam.

            It is an incredible live experience. The power of this piece is somewhat similar to MP.

            It is some years ago since I've heard The Wedding, will do so this weekend!


              Wow, that's great. Strawinsky is probably my longest loved modern composer.Les Noces (the wedding) is a piece exactly sounding like a rather chaotic gathering of guests the Russian folky way, finally to be brought to peace and to a mystical level by the singing of the priest and the ringing of the bells.

              Strawinsky has written a lot of incredible pieces, and I can see relations to MP music, like dynamics and often overwhelmingly beautiful melodies that are always used economically. The finale of the firebird is one example, a great melody developing in it's voicing and power to become a supernova in sound, a lot like some MP stuff we know and love!

              If you 'know' Strawinsky's well known classics, I recommend getting into pieces like Appolo Musagete or the Psalm Symphony. They are at first complex and hard to get but very rewarding music in the end, something like growing to love The Crucible !

              Been listening a lot to Magma these past 3 weeks and hear some Strawinsky there as well, like in Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh,and even more in the children's choir version of it:Baba Yaga,

              some Russian folk singing in the Strawinsky/Vander way.

              Always good to hear from MP what music they're listening to, and I hope this will indeed shine through in their coming compositions. Since they mentioned the string quartets of Bela Bartok, those are up for me now, more modern-classic masterpieces carrying seeds of recent MP pieces.

              In Holland we had a band from Nijmegen in the 80's named Bazooka, they did a great exploration of their own "Strawinsky as a rock band" thing, best album of theirs is called "A Igor S. "

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