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      Anyone attending the Bergen gig? I might be heading that way for the show :)


      Are the Norwegian dates finally announced then? Good news! No news in the LIVE 2010 thread though, and even Alex admits losing track! :wink:




      Heading for Bergen!


      Oh yeah!


      YEAH…I’M GOIN’ TOO…. :MPD:


      Did this gig ever happen? Wondering that there are no news at all yet…


        Tickets are available on billettservice :)


        Ooops, had the wrong date in mind (can’t wait for news ;-)


        Got my tickets now. Looking forward to this.

        As it seems this is one of the very few, if not only gig in Norway atm… I wonder how the organizers persuaded MP to play.

        I bet it´s gonna hit the 3hour mark, since they have so few gigs planned this month.


        Who`s going to Bergen?


        Well, first of all, I hope that Motorpsycho themselves come to Bergen.

        Latest prognosis of the ash cloud is that it´s moving towards northern Europe in a two-days-time.


        They played Come on in!


        They shure did!…and they played Gulliver´s Travails.


        And Manmower, as far as I remember… I thought it was PP&Pp first, but it was Manmower.

        A lot of the songs where from the albums where Kapstad is playing (Year Zero, Starhammer, X-3, W.B.A.T. etc), but Shrug´n´Fistful, STG, Come On In from Demon Box were played as well! A VERY pleasent surprise!

        I think the Europe-crowd has got some nice songs waiting for them, which the band didnt play tonight.

        Kenneth is awesome, Snah is playing like a god (especially during X-3), Bent had some troubles with the technics during some songs, but Snah and Kenneth solved it perfectly jamming on.

        Did I say Kenneth is awesome? Yes. Well, he is.

        Come On In was the end of the night, I kind of hoped they would get on stage again, but no.

        aaaand…. Cheers!


        What an awesome gig!!!

        Im new here, btw, but I got hold of Kapstads setlist so I can post it here.

        1. W.B.A.T

        2. Cornucopia

        3. X-3

        4. Boinganoid (I.C.U)

        5. Shrug and a Fistful

        6. Bombproof

        7. S.T.G

        8. Year Zero

        9. Manmower (with Snah on keys!)

        10. On my Pillow

        11. Starhammer

        12. Whole Lotta Diana

        13. Gullibles Travails (Bent announced this as world premiere “and they usually suck, but here we go”

        14. Come on In

        Personally, this was a perfect gig for me. This is the 4th time ive seen them, and they seemed to be in a very good mood. Gullibles was very good live, and so was X3, it kicked ass. They dropped out the jam section (getaway special) though but still. Personally, I would have liked to hear Kill some day (after Shrug) and Vortex but I cant complain! Look forward to the tour people!

      Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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