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      Hey guys,

      If you like the Allman Brothers Band (like MP does) and other soulful southern US rock music, check out this great new release.

      I used to call myself a hippie


      Dewolff! Great band, especially live. Didn't know they had a new album out tho, will check it out.

      Lately I'm been enchanted by the wonderful 3LP folk opus Have One On Me by Joanna Newsom.


      On the other side of the spectrum, there is Swans! The legendary Michael Gira and crew released their third album since their comeback in 2010, which is perhaps the most brilliant comeback I've ever seen in music. 2 hours of epic songs, noise and pure madness. Already my personal album of the year, just as the predecessor 2 years ago.



        Swans! Their previous album The Seer was fantastic, too. But I haven't heard too much of this one yet. They're to play my hometown this summer. :giddy:


        Ayup, The Seer was a masterpiece as well. They're supposed to be amazing live, so I hope to see them in Amsterdam this year =D


        Izakaya Heartbeat is an Oslo based band

        They released their second album 'Enter Rainbow Lake' last year, with a following (Mini) norwegian tour. I saw them in Kongsberg, and their live gig reminded me alot of Motorpsycho. (This could have been influenced by the fact that the last two concerts i had seen on that stage was MP and Monolithic)


          oh oh nice!


          Kenneth has put together a Tons of Rock festival playlist:


          @crossskip: Joanna Newsom somehow reminds me of early Kate Bush – i like :) thanks.


            Last night i went to see Soundgarden and Black Sabbath. Fantastico! Some mid-40ies boys opening for mid-60ies men and both bands showed how rock has to be done in this day and age of watered down indie cuddle "rock".

            @crossskip: Joanna Newsom somehow reminds me of early Kate Bush – i like :) thanks.


            You're certainly not the first to make that comparision =p On songs like Easy (also from Have One On Me), the resemblance is ever stronger. Not that I mind tho; if I had to pick two favourite female singers, it would be those tho!


                A band I recently discovered at the Belgian Graspop Festival. Could be worth checking out for MP fans :)


                Here's – I guess – their most popular song:

              Viewing 13 posts - 31 through 43 (of 43 total)
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