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      What about a topic where we tell each other about other bands? There was a topic already but somehow it seems to be gone (do old topics disappear here after an x amount of time?). This because while youtube browsing a completely unbeknownst to me band popped up on the right and I clicked and loved it immediately. It's PAPIR, apparently from Denmark. I think MPsychonauts will like them too!


        seriously, I just drifted away thinking I'm still listening to Behind the Sun.


          Yeah they are great! Just listening to this because of the Canadian radio program where that 20 minute song (IIII.III) was filling the gap between MP songs.


            Heard that one aswell. Very cool tune!


            Great band! The Danish El Paraiso-label was started by the guys is Causa Sui, initially to promote their own music. They have since taken in some quite good acts!


            Ã…ssen fÃ¥r jeg bygd inn video'n her da? Virker ikke med innbyggingskode…Hjælp!


            I seem to remember some kind of connection betweet MP and Papir, but I can't remember where I read it… I think I either read about it in Blissard, by Johan Harstad, or some of MP's friends or members had played in Papir…?


            Is it just me or are the only bands that feel like Motorpsycho instrumental? As soon as anybody opens their mouth they immediately sound very different from Motorpsycho :)


              in that Papir clip up there is some lamb on broadway at 29:40, innit?


              must be their disctinctive singing. or their voices are branded into our heads more than anything else. it's also been the only real constant thing through the years. :)


              Did anybody ever mention Incense on any of these topics btw? They were Dutch band that were huge Motorpsycho fans themselves and you can definitely hear that influence. Both their albums are on Spotify, I think the resemblance is more clear on their first album (Approx 45 Min) but both are nice:


              Check out Reines playlist of norwegian favorites, beyond Motorpsycho (including one by Motorpsycho..)


              One of my favourites for the time being is Beardfish. Check out their latest albums "The Void" and "Mammoth". Great stuff!!



                One drop too much metal in Beardfish for me but I do find it interesting.


                Snah presents his list of "good and evil music"



                  And some of Kenneth's own thrashing of a favourite:


                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 43 total)
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