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    I've said this before and I'll say it again: BH/BC is one of MP's finest albums and vastly underrated. As it stands now it's their last album comprised of mostly shorter songs (that being relative of course, this is MP we're speaking of).

    In other news, TDDU is really starting to grow on me.


    With every Motorpsycho release, I will always listen to it again and again on heavy rotation like no other band, no other band even comes close to the chances I will always give them.

    I think there has been gold and diamonds on every release since the beginning.

    Some demanded more mining than others.

    Sometimes it has taken patience and some goodwill to make it worthwhile, most of the time no effort at all, since it usually blows me away and is SO much my cup of tea.

    I guess I must have heard TDDU about 20 times or 25 by now.

    It is a really impressive package, so epic in its uncompromising ways that it sometimes is like work to get through the more quieted down parts, then exploding and having your full attention and its all just so worth it.

    I think this one is a record that it will be like a seremony to come back and really sit back and just listen to for me later on.

    And like pointed out by many, I keep reminding myself that it is not a standalone release, all the more exciting it is, what is the follow up to HMF gonna be, can't wait to hear more..

    like alwaaaaaaays…

    With BHBC, I remember I was quite nervous to hear it, I wondered if the loss of the 3-way energy between Bent Snah and Geb, which I always felt was unique live, would make BHBC feel empty and sad. I loved the songs mostly from the get go, and was releived to hear a proper album that actually felt more connected and focused in ways that IALC did not.

    I had a lot of empathy for them to fight on and tough it out, and thought they did a very impressive effort as a 2 man band, I mean wow!

    The last 2 or 3 years, BHBC has become one of my most played albums by them, and I still smile when I think of them releasing a double album as a duo, what a machine through thick and thin this band is.

    Back on topic:

    I would recommend to just skip TDDU if u didn't like it, then come back for more gold and diamonds at a later stage, there will be more of both i'm sure.

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)
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