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    Emily Grimes

      Jeg fikk to i posten.MÃ¥ ha dobbeltbestilt uten at jeg var klar over det…


        Got mine in the mail today! (ex 241/980) Already started reading with the appropriate audio companion :lol:

        I did however find a factual error early on: It is claimed that longtime MP friend Frode Sander Øien wrote "President Block". That's not correct, it was written by Hans Stenøien, frontman of Trondheim band Epinastic Movements. Funny trivia: Both Lars Lien and Ståle Storløkken played on that EP with "President Block" on it. Another example of keeping it in the family, I guess..

        So far, the book is great!


          Actually, it is claimed that Øien sang President Block. Still wrong, though! :wink:

          And yeah, the book really is great so far (I'm on page 65 and 230. Love the details and digressing notes!).


            Yeah, I noticed it. But in a later footnote he actually says that Hans Storøien wrote "President Block". But typos here & there can be forgiven, because this is quite extensive stuff.

            It's also mentioned in one of the footnotes that Harstad was actually working on a complete band biography when he got the request to do this book. He's already had long talks with Bent & Snah about their careers up until Phanerothyme. So this Blissard book actually became somewhat of a sidestep.


            Emily Grimes! Ser du har fått to eks av blissardboken. Er du interessert i å selge ett eks.? Jeg la inn bestilling via newjelly, men fordi det ble noe krøll med paypal har det ikke blitt registrert, og jeg er nå den ulykkelige ikke-eier av hardback-utgaven av boka. Hvis andre har en å selge er dette også noe jeg vil sette pris på.


              The limited edition hardcover book is also for sale at Big Dipper


              Takk! Det reddet dagen!


                I'm assuming, based on kjellepelle's comment, that I'm not the only one not to receive a copy yet?

                I suppose they received more orders than anticipated and are struggling to keep up with demand. ;)


                  The goal was to finance 100 books. On the cover on mine it says it's #790/980, so the number of printed books is almost ten times higher than the projected goal.


                    Mine came in the post a few days ago, so its read. Need to re-read it again as there was a couple of things that didnt sound right for my experienxce but then my memory is fading fast at the moment :twisted:


                    anyone else who invested but didn't receive the hardback yet?


                      Received, read and enjoyed.

                      Was the money withdrawn from your credit card?

                      If yes – send a complaint. If not- you might still be lucky and get a copy from


                      i have to say i'm not impressed with this book.

                      it does rather eloquently articulate the feelings, moods and attitudes associated with the 'motorpsycho fever' that many of its readers will have caught at some point in their life. and it contains some very useful information on the history of the band and the conditions under which blissard was conceived and recorded.

                      these are fine achievements. but neither of them justify the enormous self-indulgence of using the majority of the book for endless digressions which have nothing to do with the band or their album, and everything to do with the author's navel. not to mention the egregious volume of mostly unreadable footnotes. for some, this may serve as some 'funny' ode to the obsessiveness of many fans, but for the rest of us, it's a waste of paper.

                      i also find it baffling that there is no mention of this very website, which huge amounts of data (especially in the footnotes) are obviously lifted from. unless i missed it skipping another page of pointless digression…

                      great cover design though, and hopefully an inspiration for a 'real' biography.


                        For those who are in Oslo today Johan Harstad is meeting up with Bent and Snah, presumably to discuss the book.


                          I attended the Litteraturhuset event tonight. Nice to see Bent & Snah so relaxed and laidback; I was afraid they'd look naked without guitars :lol: Then again, maybe the red wine loosened 'em up.

                          Most interesting for me was when they talked about Stalemate. The sound guy played excerpts from all 3 versions, and Bent talked in depth about each version. He originally envisioned the Blissard version to be a really epic album closer alà TGC, and a true cornerstone of the album. But because it didn't work, they decided to re-structure the album instead with that fading out, lowering-energy-level structure that we all know. I laughed hard when he said that the AADAP version of Stalemate was used in a Greek deodorant commercial :lol: :


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