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    If you started running the torrent >before< the ban, you might be lucky….


    hi there

    can someone just send (or mail me) the recording with sendspace or something?

    not looking for high quality flac stuff, it’s just to listen to that show again.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    oh and yes, the show was very good. Too short, unfortunately not enough CotF songs, but still a great moment.



      “Converting mp3s back to wav and then to flac does not make them lossless again!”

      I think a Torrent in this way will always get bannend.

      For me 256k-MP3 would be perfectly ok and we could discuss if it should be hosted at motortrades, but Dime is absolutely strict about their rules.

      And let’s not start a lossless-lossy discussion here, because that is not the point.


      ew… that’s bad :-/ hope you or someone else manages to upload it somewhere else… as for most people, a recording of good mp3 quality would be enough for me.


      Hi there, sorry ’bout the silence last couple of hours, but I’ll have to go to work to so now and then.

      The way i see it I was to honest ’bout the converting tricks I used.

      If I had mentioned that it was recorded in ogg,wav,flac or something else there wasn’t much of a problem and the files would be still online.

      I could place the mp3 tracks @ P%$€£ç§.bay, but then it comes into trouble waters, think most of you understand what I mean?

      I’m a Motorpsycho fan, I buy offical cd/lp and buy their merchandise.

      –although I have to admit I discovered Motorpsycho during the high dayz of kazaa–

      The way I see it Dimea is for the real die hard fanbase, which wants something more than what is offered via official purchable goodies.

      Think I am going to wait a few days till the fuzz days out , change the title and info file and have another go

      bye from now


        Yeah, I’d vote against that.

        You broke the rules, deal with it.

        There are ways to get the material to other fans, but since you recorded it in mp3 format, Dime isn’t one of them.


          hey vortex,

          just up it to our private tracker or to something like megaupload/rapidshare with an password…


          meanwhile I’ve discoverd that utorrents can share privat torrents…maybe that can be used

          i’ll give it a try one of these days, I lost so much time already with dimea.

          and hovmod it isn’t ’bout breaking the rules…I just was to honest ’bout the content of my torrent

          If i had mentioned that I had used cubase to make one hell of a flac recording there would be no problem

          Besides i’ve downloaded some terrible recordings from dimeadozen in the past…listend to them and send them to a no return journey to the waste bin, So IMHO that high standard protocol from Dimea is sheer rubbish :wink:


            thanks a lot, vortex for you continuity afford.

            that’s fantastic and I would love it to hear your recording.

            but your recording is simply against the dime rules.

            dime allows only uncompressed recordings on it.

            so great if you find another way to spreadyour recording…


            Wait, just a second, let’s set this straight – dime does in fact allow mp3-sourced material if the original recording was recorded in that format (Vortex’s master is in 256kbps mp3, right ?). What dime does NOT allow is mp3->wav->flac->back-to->wav->mp3->wav->flac. Because that way you’ll introduce a 2nd mp3 conversion that while radically reduce the sound quality from the 1st conversion.

            I understand that this is complicated tech-talk that seems hard to explain and is difficult to communicate to some people. Heh ! ;-) I guess the whole thing was a misunderstanding in the first place do to a language barrier that caused a slightly complicated info file that was then posted on dime.

            Vortex is right: if he would have said “I recorded this on my super-uncompressed digital 24 track 24/96 monster stereo soundmachine in wav-format” nobody would have complained and everybody would be really excited about the amazing quality of his recording ! :-)

            I, personally, am no fan of mp3 (I have good ears and I *belive* that I know how to use them), but this is nothing that we should fight about. It’s all about the music in the first place.

            All respect goes out to Vortex who managed to carry his gear into the venue and to capture the Motorpsychodelic-magic at the Botanique that night….


              The Dime Wiki says:

              Regarding an original capture as files in a lossy codec

              If the original microphone capture at the actual event was made directly to a recording device that encoded the signal in one or more lossy files as it wrote, DIME will permit a torrent of the files as recorded in their original codec, even if that means not splitting the material into tracks. A conversion from the original lossy capture’s files to another codec or filetype or a reencoding of any sort will not qualify for this relaxation and is not permitted on DIME.

              See DimeWiki article Moderator Override for instructions on how to submit such a torrent. The torrent’s description and its internal info file must state the bit rate and codec of these files from the original capture.

              So you might be allowed to submit the entire show in one continuous file straight off the Zoom.

              Good luck!


                How I understand this, it must stay in mp3 format then.

                Btw by analyzing the files it would be possible to tell that they a lossy and people have done that on dime.

                Vortex, I would say put them on the motortrades tracker as 256k mp3s and everybody is happy. Personally I want to hear your recording the way it is!


                okay enough said done here’s my 2nd attempt…the first loon that spoils the fun gets spanked 8)

                new torrent uploaded :D

                Botanique venue sat 7th of November2009


                only one problem I got to go to work in few hours so my pc is shut down…again availble round midnight


                sorry guys I set my upload to max (300kbs) it can’t get higher than that

                have to go in one hour so be patiented

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