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    Thinking of going to the concert this Saturday.

    Although I don’t like Brussels, the location is alright and the Mp crew will be delighted with the place they’re end up in a few days.


    Last time I saw MP was @ the Leuven & Antwerp Gig last year.

    Motorpsycho Live @ Leuven 08


    They’ve played the Botanique before.

    The photo looks great but neglects to show the surrounding gare du nord area. In a word? Dodgy. No, in two words: ultra dodgy.

    Hopefully things have improved inside, too; last time they played here the flower beds and planters were doing double duty as ashtrays, trash was floating on the indoor fish ponds, and the main gardens were fenced off.

    Walking from the venue to the hotel was like stepping into a time capsule, or the set of Taxi Driver, euro-style. The posters in the windows of the sex shops & marquees above the peepshows were straight out of the Seventies, from a graphic design perspective it was actually kind of interesting. Perhaps the area has been gentrified in the meantime.

    The hotel could have been used to shoot The Euro Shining, same hallways and elevator, just waiting for the tide of blood and twins to appear, or the trundling sound of a Big Wheel…

    This is the kind of stuff that makes travelling to shows interesting, builds character, you know?

    See you in Bruxelles!


    Well spoken LLM! This is Brussels, the post-apocalyptic metropole and major city of the european comunity. Waiting a whole night to get the fuck out of Belgiúm last year, I experienced somebody smashing a window and crawling OUT of a shop which he obviously broke in. Yes….see you in Brussels!



    Yes Brussels isn’t exact paradise on earth in this days. Norway is muchas greener than this ol’town.

    Anyway try to score the new vinyl release tonight, haven’t got a ticket hope I can get in tonight.


    Concert will start at 20h30, so it’ll be a hit and run concert I presume


    All Is Loneliness







    Bedroom Eyes




    Year Zero


    The Golden Core

    Nice show, very good audiance being very quit during spacy moments, a lot of songs that I heard first on this tour. Nice moment when Bent made an asking gesture and looked at Sna during Manmower trying to find out in which spheres Sna was.

    I liked the Cologne gig better, but some MP hardcore fans I met (you know who you are) were absolutely on fire for this show.


    At Frankfrut Airport now. Last night show was great. Seems like all three on fire, can see they really enjoy playing! All shows I joined was all great, can’t tell which was the best, but Haalem, Koln and Brussels were damn, so good. Bielefeld was pretty good, too.

    Brussels has good audience, it was great! I really enjoyed.


    Just arrived @ home. Yesterday evening was a great show with an absolute power golden core as 2nd encore.

    Met Snah @ the entrance have a small chat with him, asked him if I could record the show and he agreed…so I’ve recorded Brussels yesterday evening. First impression of the recording sounds great.

    Didn’t had the opportunity to shoot live action pictures due to the recording thing. Took a tactical position between real quiet psychonauts so there wasn’t much rumour or people talking. Only the space jam session in Golden core is completly ruined due to a stupid prick which suddenly popped up besided me and prob. thougt he was funny by whistling in my zoom H2 :lol:

    Will try to post them @ dimedozen one of these dayz


    maybe till next year?

    great show, bought the new album and the hoodie zipper, so am I now a psychonaut, have seen MP 4 times only?



    thanks, i’ll be looking forward to that :D it was my 3rd time and i didn’t buy anything, so i’m more new than you at least…


      Sounds awesome, Vortex :)


      okay listening to the Golden core, that is ruined by that prick and the amount of plastic on the ground exept the quiet part but then you can hear the plastic crushing so…must it stay?


      any idea how I can get rid of that whistle , the golden core space jam is really strong with this live version they played yesterday evening…still tripping :MPD:

      boomer former helm

        i’d say it must stay… :lol:


          hey vortex, this is ffbernie…do you have an email adres ? I would like to ask you something regarding your sound recording. Please let me know where i can contact you. Kind regards bernie


          @Vortex155: just leave all the whisteling and plastic noise in. It’s all part of the song now ;-) But if you really want to get rid of it you might be able to edit and copy and paste in a section that sounds similar from a different part of the song. Let me know if I can help you out – I’m a sound editor.


            I would just keep GC in… complete recording is more important imho.

            Really don’t understand guys like this, ruining someone elses recording… what an ass.

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