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    Well said Alex, wise conclusion ~

    There we have our first relevant review supplemented by a direct track by track report: Great to have another mp album in the hands and on the player!

    That track named “Cornucopia” goes into the very top rank of mp tunes, “essential stuff” man…

    Titeltrack up here right now, soon time for the second round. ride.

    preferred eye-colours: brown/yellow and owls eyes (open side left and down, triangle side)


      Got my copy today, but I can’t listen to it, as I don’t have my record player here. Bummer.

      But one thing struck me. On the sleeve there’s a picture of a girls hot pant-clad crotch, with the fly open. Is this the foreplay? Is this what happened before the making of a child? The child that will be? The Child of the Future? Hm…


      bought my copy today. but the shop got it yesterday already :?

      the sound is great i think – not so noisy. the bass on “riding the tiger” reminds my of some melody from RWII. but i only listend to the album 1 1/2 times so i can´t say much.

      but im dissapointed by the cover…! whats so special about it? two holes an the printing inside the sleeve wich you can´t see anyway? :? the artwork itself isn´t my favorite as well….

      “…but that´s ok. it doesn´t matter anyway…”


        This sounds so amazing. I know this might be an almost blasphemic question, but could someone upload the album to somewhere? Don’t get me wrong. I will buy it anyway, but it will be a long time before I’ll have a record player at my hands and I want to listen to it NOW!


          hmmm…you’re dancing on thin ice now man! Really thin ice!

          By the way….the album sounds kickass!! Can’t wait to get back home and check it out!

          But one important (imo) question remains…How long are theese songs?


          Well, either release it on cd or upload the damn thing.


            ..or even better…grow a brain.. ;)



            Haven’t seen the artwork yet but if I buy the lp I’ll frame it and hang it on the wall.

            I am not going to buy a record player in 2009.


            the cover (artwork) isn´t worth to be framed BUT the music is worth to be played!!! so save the money for the frame and get an recordplayer… :D


              one question about the cover ( still waiting of my child :? ):

              anyone, a very seriously guy, told me some weeks ago, that every cover

              will be a unique print.

              is this true?

              don’t read anything about this.


                Marcel: I might be way off here ,but i think that the whole “only vinyl” deal can be somewhat of a kick towards the whole “it’s free, so let’s just download it” ideology that’s taking place nowdAYS, and is slowly killing the music business. So (imo) to upload the vinyl for others to download, would be spitting on the whole point behind this release.

                Perhaps i was out of line with the whole “grow a brain” comment. But it just pisses me off that some ppl don’t seem to understand what a devastating effect this has (and will continue to have) on the music indusrty! Keep cool, and enjoy it WHEN you can. And remember…..20 uears ago, this wasn’t even an issue. Let’s keep it that way shall we….


                GBD: I couldn’t agree more. Also – who says that a artwork – which every serious record really is – must be available for everyone? I’m not against the legal download thing, but when the band release an album on vinyl it’s meant to be bought on vinyl – not downloaded from a site that will distribute the record without giving the band the money they deserve.


                @superstooka: well, i´ve got 3 copies of COTF here. one for me the others for friends. but i cant´s see any difference. maybe on the inside? (they´re still sealed) but i don´t think so.

                but the cover changes slighty when you flip the inner sleeve. then the eyes(holes) on the front have antoher colour….


                  thanks ivan.

                  so, it seems it isn’t an unique print.

                  but anyway- I’ll hope that my album will arrive me tomorrow.


                    Length of the Songs:

                    Side A:

                    The Ozzylot (Hidden In A Girl) 4:30

                    Riding The Tiger 5:25

                    Whole Lotta Diana 8:57

                    Side B:

                    Cornucopia (…Or Satan, Uh… Something) 6:24

                    Mr. Victim 4:17

                    The Waiting Game 4:57

                    Child Of The Future 5:00

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