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    Well, guess what was in the mail today…?!!!! Oh yes. Tbc.


      Seriously??!! How is it?


        Yes, give us some info. You must have listened to it once by now?

        And what does it look like? We need info!!


          What! You lucky bastard.


            8O :MPD: :cry:

            We need info, dude!


            Got my copy today too :D


              Got it and it’s great :-)


              …listening to it now. So far, great stuff.


                How is it compared to Barracuda? The previews suggested that it would be kinda similar to that one…


                Some people seem to have received it, allthough it was to be released tomorrow. I think I have to order it on the Internet as there is, to my knowledge, only one record store in my town, Platekompaniet, and I don’t think they carry records. But I’ll at least go and ask them if they have Child of the future. When I get it, one way or another, I’ll rip it to my computer and make mp3 files. Then I can listen to it while taking a walk. Sounds great :). I’ll also listen to the record while chilling out at home, though, which of course is the best way to listen to music.

                However, I’m not sure if I’m gonna like the record. Before I have listened to two albums Steve Albini has produced, Nirvana – In Utero and Pixies – Surfer Rosa. The production on these albums is kind of cool but the drum sound is a bit too raw to my taste. And when I’ve listened to the whole album I’m tired. But I’ll give Child of the future a try.

                People who have listened to the album: What do you think? Does it come up to your expectations? How come I haven’t found any reviews of the album in any newspapers?


                got it last evening, even I live in Japan : ) I have to say that always German postal service is no good, but this time was….just great! Amd thanx for Stickman : ) Even I don’t receive RG version yet, it always reach to my place faster than Stickman version….wow…K, just back from work, gonna listen to this record!


                  Hmmm….too bad that so many have got them, but nobody wants to share the goodness, becides the usual “it’s great” statement. How long are the songs? What’s the best one? Are there any bad songs on it?? etc etc

                  Com on folks! Share!


                  This is a review from Dgsavisen (in Norwegian) :


                    I wasn’t aware that they released an album called “Little Fluid Moments” last year. Apparently Dagsavisen got hold of some kind of a rarity ;)


                      “Genre: Pop”? That was a pretty useless review imho, as it hardly says anything at all. Hmf!

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