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    Hi, I’m an Italian fan of MP since a long time…

    I would ask to the “Forum”, If anybody can put on Mp3 the Last MP record.

    Only for true fans that buyed Child of the future on vinil (like me), but that want to hear this album also at the driving, on iPod….

    I’m a true fan. I have all of Mp records originals.

    But we are in 2009, and we have the tecnologies that make the Mp’s music more available in a lot of way.

    p.s. I’m waiting for a Velvet – Rimini data of tour in November

    p.p.s. Sorry for the english…. :-)


    I’d also like to download this record and transfer it to my mp3 player. I have bought the record , and I’ve tried to make my own rip but I wasn’t happy with the result, it wasn’t loud enough. There may be ways to make it louder but I’m not an expert on this and I’d like to download a rip made by someone who really knows how to do this. Doing this will not make me feel guilty, since I, as I’ve said, have bought the record and there is no other ways to download it.


      well, would be amazing if someone who was able to digitalze it could send me a link to the album. I got it on vinyl but I´d like to listen to it on the way from a to b.


        i second that!


          Yeah, most definately. I’m going to Oslo tonight, and I’m going to buy the record there, but I don’t have a recordplayer at the moment, so I can’t listen to it. It would be great if someone digitalized it, and gave links to those who could prove they’ve bought it. I really want to hear this album, and it’s killing me that I don’t have the player to do so.


            yeah maybe we send the one who would provide a digitalized version a picture of us with our record to prove our demand :-D


            Good idea Un.Chien.d.Espace !

            I’d love to listen to the album on my way to work and such !


            I do not have the record, nor do I intend to buy it, because I don’t own a record player. But if someone makes the mp3’s available, I will send mp (or rune grammofon) a check for nok 149,00…scouts honour!




              I couldn’t wait, so i bought myself a copy today. I would also like getting a digitalized version, and i can provide a picture of me holding my album. But sadly, i doubt that anyone will provide a mp3 version anyway, so i guess i’ll just have to wait….Dang…so close!!




                We are only honest fans of MP… but we want ear this album in all different way.


                  There really should have been a download code in the record! It’s the way to to do it nowadays. But I guess Bent is just too stubborn ;-)


                    I think it’s cool that they decided to do it this way. But right now, i’m having a bit of trouble swallowing it. And think….now i’ve got the album, i’ve got a record player. The only thing standing in the way of 40 minutes of bliss, is a fucking small/big jack plug! Dammit! So close!!!


                      AHHH GBD, i so much know how you’re feeling.

                      Bought the record more or less by chance. I knew it would be released by friday, and i just had a quick look in the stores, not believing they would even have it. And while i was wondering wether the old record player i bought from a friend half a year ago would even work, i was walking out of there store with a LP, for the first time in my entire life. At home, i tried to set up the player, and realised that i didn’t have the proper combination of jacks/plugs. With minor knowledge of any kind of hifi technology, i cut several older adapters, and crafted a new one, with the fitting combination of jacks/plugs. Continuing the set up of the record player, i realised it didn’t do a shit, besides uttering some akward sounds. But that was the most easy part, i disassembled the player, and attached the v-belt properly, so at least the table was spinnging now.

                      So, i gave it a retry, nothing happend. LP was spinning, i even heard a very very muted sound from the needle, but my handicrafted adapter did not seem to work.

                      End of the story, i am right now sitting here, and the hollow eyes of the child of the future are staring at me, making me constantly google for a rapidshare release or something. So please guys, rip it! We could even make a picture posting thread of desperate psychonauts, with their beautiful, and yet so useless piece of cardboard/vinyl.


                        Mar: Well sorry to have to dissapoint you (again), but i just sat down by my computer after having my very first spin! Mind you, it was on a shitty stereo, with an even more shitty record player, and only ONE speaker mind you (Just my luck that the old stereo had a busted output!), But I’VE FINALLY HEARD IT!! First thoughts….it’s like a big budget movie that falls apart in the end …i.e i don’t really like the last two songs. But the rest was pretty damn KILLER! So again….i urge you to keep trying!

                        @ Superstooka: Well hello there mr. ticked vinyl man! :P I really feel for you man! Both of you!

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