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    I agree with Netsrak in some way!

    So damn it. Go, buy a record player! You should have done it already!

    There will be some freak out there who will give you an MP3-download, but it won´t be ME! Sorry mates.

    It´s no building-a-rocket-ship-to-fly-to-mars-science to get this vinyl converted to digital sound.

    Enjoy COTF however….


      It is, when your record player and all is almost 25 years old (good ol’ revox) and half-broken… :(

      i tried everything but somehow the output of my amp isn’t working anymore…


        @Un.chien: You are rather bound for a lot of spam than for a MP3-Version of COTF if you post your mail-addy in an open forum…


          @ Un.chien: Well if your record player is busted, then find another one. Shouldn’t be so hard!


            @be: i don’t care…it’s my spam-mail-account

            : i don’t know where you live, but here record player don’t grow on trees… :roll:


            It’s very sad that someone in this foru has the Mp3 of COTF, and with badness doesn’t shares his “impropery use” of COTF.

            You know, Bent, Snah and Kenneth want that the fans ear COTF at home with a record player.

            So, Why do you convert it on Mp3?

            I don’t understand your “moralism”.


            …because I’m a very honest fan of Motorpsycho since a long time.

            And I want to ear COTF like all of you.


              As soon as somebody creates a pocket record player, i’ll gladly play the record on that. But until then, converting the album to MP3 is the only way to be able to listen to it outside the comfort of my own home. By the way (and not to be mean), i’ve also managed to convert it now. But i won’t share! I’d rather see the rest of you get off your asses, and start using the good old noodle. Cus once again….it’s really not that hard!

              @ Un.Chien: Well they don’t here either, but i managed to pull it off anyway. So why can’t you?!

              READ: The harshness of my tone only reflects the fact that i respect Bent, Snah and Kap for doing what they’ve done. And frankly i’m having some trouble with understanding why so many of you don’t…

              Call around, locate a record player, buy the equipment needed (cables, jacks, whatever) and start ripping. It took me a day, and i’m in the middle of nowhere!


                Ah, damnit, I didn’t want to get involved in the vinyl debate really. But there is no end to the complaining.

                I have a record player at home, but I’m not at home during the summer. I bought the album on friday, and took a 3 hour train trip to my parents’ house to get the album ripped. Yes, I did it only to have it conveniently on my iPod/on iTunes. To play it whenever I feel like it. Motorpsycho may release it on vinyl only, but nothing stops anyone from listening to it in any format they prefer. Hell, record it onto a cassette if you like.

                If an album is released on CD, noone says anything if you rip it and put it on your iPod, why complain about us doing it to a vinyl release? There’s no moral aspect behind it any more than there is about ripping a CD, a DVD or scanning an old picture.

                But don’t complain about someone releasing an album in a format that you don’t have equipment to play. Noone told you to throw away/never buy a record player? And Motorpsycho definitely never did.


                To all of you saying that this record should never be shared, can you explain the difference between sharing this and LLM?

                I don’t really see the problem of converting COTF for personal use, I guess even Bent copied his Kiss records to cassettes back in the day. Sharing it though I would say is principally out of order, esp on this website, as it also would be with AADAP or any other of their records. I doubt very much the concept of MP releasing this record only on vinyl believing that it will appeal to some moral code among their fans that we should “only listen to it on our record players” because that’s what they want. Come on. If things were that easy. I do like the idea though that all future mp3s of COTF has derived from a vinyl, hearing the cracks and the pick up. Quiet clever if you ask me.


                  I don’t see any difference between sharing this on the internet, and sharing a CD release on the internet. Personally, I don’t share (as in torrents etc.) CDs or DVDs, so of course I won’t share CotF. Has nothing to do with it being vinyl-only.


                  @ TraktorBass: My thoughts exactly


                  Regarding my first post, maybe I read through the previous posts a bit hastily, we all seem to be on the same page. But I don’t think this forum should be used for sharing any of MPs original records, no matter the format.


                    Lucifer: :) :) :) :) :) Well god damn will you look at that!! That’s a first for me! Didn’t know those existed!

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