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      Portable record player: awesome!

      But I wouldn’t take it for a jog :)

        I do like the idea though that all future mp3s of COTF has derived from a vinyl, hearing the cracks and the pick up. Quiet clever if you ask me.

        That’s exactly what was going through my mind while listening to it on my mobile phone today (no mp3, lossless wav-format)!

        No pure digital COTF, never:o)

        I wish they would release vinyl only in the future.


        geeez, that’s surely among the top 3 typos I ever created:

        sorry if this sounds harsh – i don’t wanna be.

        i just generally think that just because things are possible doesn’t mean that they should be done (goes for a lot of things in life).

        so if this is vinyl only – then so shall be it.

        sorry guys.

        GBD are you still with me ? ;-)

        seems as though everybody understood it the right way anyhow… :-D

        and as you might have guessed from my post: i actually did rip the album. and i do rip cds all the time – i just don’t share them over the internet.

        has all been said before, but i think this is what everybody is thinking: ripping is no sacrileg (?), but what you do with it – that’s another story.



          ;) …but what can you do..!


            did you never dl a record somewhere else???

            if so – you are ok,

            otherwise you are talking with forked tongue 8)


            KLCK wrote:


            I wish they would release vinyl only in the future.

            Why would you wish fever people can listen to MPs music?


            Ha! I will probably buy a record player and COTF eventually, but I will not hesitate to download it off the web if it becomes available, and it will eventually. They admitted that they found the frustration about this whole vinyl thing amusing… I’ll show those music snobs amusing! I’ve spent more money on MP than most people (although probably not more than people here), and every krone has been well spent. But quite frankly, if I hadn’t dl’ed their catalogue off the web, I wouldn’t have discovered the true awesomeness of the band, and that’s just how it is! :) I just bought Roadworks 1, and I’m slowly replacing downloaded with bought, and I will eventually with COTF.

            Just put it out there.. you guys shouldn’t feel bad about it, you’ve supported the band economically and musically more than most. And besides, would you “fanboys” restrain yourself if it weren’t your favourite band from Trondheim, but just some other band? hm? hm?

            Take care

              Why would you wish fever people can listen to MPs music?



              As many of the responses in this thread shows, releasing an album on vinyl only excludes parts of the fanbase.

              My question was why you would prefer vinyl only.

              Is your vinyl worse if someone else could buy a CD?

              Edit: To clarify; when you say you wish MP would only release on vinyl, you are not wishing for something to be better for yourself, MP has always been good to vinyl fans. You are wishing for less options and for it to be worse for others who don’t enjoy vinyl. Why?

                I doubt very much the concept of MP releasing this record only on vinyl believing that it will appeal to some moral code among their fans that we should “only listen to it on our record players” because that’s what they want.

                I don’t think so either, but it does appeal to something somewhere since the files still don’t seem to be available for download online. Both BH/BC and LLM were available on or before the day of release. Clearly the doorstep is considerably higher for making the vinyl only release available digitally compared to a CD release.

                @Grendel: I don’t think it excludes anyone. It just gives people without recordplayers something to figure out.

                Someone called Bent stubborn in this thread.

                That may well be, but he’s not the only one.

                It has been said many time already in this thread, but I’ll repeat it: Buying a record player today is not an issue. Here in NL you can walk into pretty much any electronica warehouse and find a recordplayer (with USB connection or even with an iPod dock) for 70-ish euros. All hifi stores carry high-end record players in the several-hundred-euros-and-more range.

                If there’s a will there’s a way.


                  I bought an old record player in a 2nd hand store for 25€ .

                  I bought it specialy for this album, cause I prefer cd’s.

                  yes everyone can go out and can buy a record player, but I’m sure

                  that a lot of motorpsycho fans prefer cd’s.

                  so how many money should they pay for one album, together with the record player?

                  I tried to digilize it, but it doesn’t work well caused in some problems

                  with my computer.

                  It would be very cool to have it digital for my mp3 player, but my first

                  reason is my work. I’m working as a barguy in a really big & cool musicpub.

                  And I can play their the music that I want.

                  So I often make some “educational advertising” :-) for not well known bands.

                  for example: to the last concert that I attended came round 25 people guests

                  from our pub. they all didn’t know the band, before I started

                  to play the cd in the pub.

                  If I don’t have COTF on cd, I don’t can play it there and some guests

                  ask already when I’ll play the new motorpsycho. and some of them will go and buy it,

                  I’m sure, when they have heared it.


                  don’t get me wrong here:

                  i downloaded a lot of band’s discogrpahies myself over the net to check them out.

                  and if you (whoever that might be) find COTF somewhere and want to download it – be my guest !

                  I just think it’s downright foolish to ask the people in MPs own fanbase to upload it for cash somwhere – what did you expect to happen ?

                  luckily nobody posted a request in g35 yet… ah, those days…


                  @ Rune: I agree, though I think this comes from practical reasons compared to ethical ones. As well as the fact that this record doesn’t appeal as much to the general iPod listening John Doe who liked Hyena, because they can’t be bothered with the vinyl. So I guess you’re right in some way. But give it some months and it will find it’s way around the net I’m sure. Though I think mp were well aware that this record would not sell a lot on account of it’s shape. But come the mp3s and it will be spread alot. The way forward for bands to fight downloading is not by only releasing 100 copies on vinyl. And I don’t think crimefighting was on MPs mind when releasing vinyl only, rather that it’s a cool thing. People shoudnt forget that Rune Grammofon recently started The Last Record Company as a sideline, releasing only on vinyl, with beautiful pamphlets accompanying each release. Also you should read Gerts long post over in the “post your vinyl comments here”-thread. Vinyl is the future, everyone predicts the death of the cd, so why not mark the occasion and buy your first recordplayer for MP instead of waiting two years?


                  @ Stooka: Ive downloaded my share of music untill I got Spotify. As for niche stuff not found on Spotify I try to purchase it, knowing that the money goes to the right hands as it’s all on DIY record-companies. I guess this was some sort of guideline before as well: Roughly put – stuff released on Warner Brothers/Sony – who cares, Rune Grammofon etc -why not buy. As mentioned, I just think people should not use MPs own forum for sharing their original work. Concerts on the other hand, lets bring them on!



                    I prefer vinyl only releases because i am a vinyl lover, i do not like cds. I wish that vinyl comes back. Some users here bought record players to listen to COTF , that’s great, the first step back to vinyl;o) It has nothing to do with excluding parts of the fanbase. It’s a nostalgic idea, nothing more. Nothing more like a personal wish like maybe a dream from MP to release a vinyl only.

                    As Lucifer Rising wrote “I do like the idea though that all future mp3s of COTF has derived from a vinyl, hearing the cracks and the pick up. Quiet clever if you ask me.“

                    Hearing the cracks, back to vinyl, that’s the point.

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