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    Are there anybody in this forum who can find a difference between the first pressing and the repress, no matter how small?

    Discogs have 3 submissions of the Stickman version of this record. I have not found a single difference between the 2009 first release and the 2015 repress, and tried to merge the submissions. My merge attempt was voted down, but I still think there should be only one Stickman version of the record when the repress is identical with the first pressing.


    Matrix og label code er identisk og?


      I only know the 2009 version so I don't know about differencies. But I can imagine even repressing counts for discogs collectors criteria.


      The problem is to distinguish the 2009 version from the 2015 repress. The matrix, label code and barcode seems to be identical, but it might possible be a slight difference in the matrix runout which on both version have stamped B967614-01 A1 MK but on the 2015 version have T1 (with the 1 wrong way) written by hand. Is this the same on the 2009 version?


        For what it's worth. I have the 2009 Rune version but I assume the vinyl itself is identical with the Stickman edition. My record has only the stamped B967614-01 A1 MK. No handwritten text.


        Fantastic ThorEgil. I have checked my 3 different versions Rune2009, Rune2015 and Stickman2015. It seems like somebody at the pressing plant have written T1 in the runout of the pressing form. Even if it's the same matrix steel original used the second pressing (2015), both Rune and Stickman have this T1 writing in the runout. Rune2009 don't, and I think we can assume that Stickman2009 pressing is identical with the Rune2009. A microscopic difference between the Stickman2009 and Stickman2015 pressings found, and I will no longer go for a merge on this one. I've got a record to buy ;-)

      Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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