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    Looks like my copies of this release will finally arrive tomorrow.

    As far as trade goes, I do have every release already, except Lobotomizer LP and Soothe LP, which I wouldn't consider a fair trade at all of course.

    So what would be the best way to part ways with one of the 30 test-pressings without being a dick or alienate the whole psychonaut community?


      That's easy. Be a decent guy by selling them for the same price as they cost, with a "first come, first serve" policy…?


      Hey David, I think with asking for a fair price you would not harm anyone. Fair price in my eyes could also be more than you paid for because you had all the trouble to get them over from the US.

      Trade of course would be fair, too.

      I am really very interested in on of the pressing (colour or testpressing) and would be happy to be considered.

      Another way would be to ask for the price you payed combined with a donation to a charity where you set the amount of the donation. Just a thought …


      Yeah guys, really, the idea is to make this extra copy available publicly for MP collectors like me, not to cash in in a shady dick way and definitely not as a "first come, first serve" basis, since this limited run created enough useless drama already.

      I'm sure you understand.

      Anyway, I'll get the copy tomorrow morning and hope it's not damaged like that dude on the facebook group who got his copy bent like crazy.


        "bent like crazy" not to mention snah-ed madly and tomassed about ?!


        So what would be a fair way to put a copy of the test pressing on sale for fellow Psychonauts without creating a shitton of useless drama?


          To go full circle I’ll just say «see my previous answers in this thread». :D


            hey guys, I've done a pretty nice vinyl rip of this LP, is it cool to post a wetransfer link here? If not, message me — asamford23 at gmail dot com — and i'll send a link.


              hey guys! I’ve been out of work for a couple of months, and am considering offering my copy of this LP for sale to help out with expenses. Not something I ever wanted to do, but, can’t listen to any records if I don’t pay the light bill! :D

              contact me at asamford23 at gmail dot com and we can chat about it. Thanks!

            Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)
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